Is the End of Mask Mandates on Planes Like the Fall of the Berlin Wall? Kinda

Published April 18, 2022

This is big.


Surely, that happened on flights all over America across all airlines. The joy is real. The regime’s arbitrary COVID dictates have lost their source of power, the CDC, and their reluctant enforcers in the private sector. Yes, the following is a BIG exaggeration, but the joyous reaction to this collapse of arbitrary and mandatory compliance has a bit of the energy of when the Berlin Wall fell. We are no longer required to participate in a national farce. And we are taking joy in it.

The CDC used to recommend lots of ridiculous things that were routinely ignored. Just ask Heartland friend Phil Kerpen. Cook your steak until it’s a half notch above beef jerky. Never eat cookie dough. No runny eggs. Sexually active women who are not using birth control should not consume alcohol. Don’t allow children to be around pets unsupervised and under no circumstances allow children to kiss pets or be near a child’s face.

But the CDC and its recommendations were converted from a laughing stock into a law-making ruler for the past two-plus years. And the CDC was among the last reeds the Biden regime and deep blue states like Illinois were hanging on to continue to control our lives. That’s gone now.

And when Jen Psaki says at a White House briefing that she and the CDC still recommend people wear masks on public transit Americans can laugh and ignore Psaki, Biden, and the CDC if they wish. Or they can wear their masks. It’s our choice again. And instead of being pulled off a plane or risk arrest or being put on a “no fly” list, the flight takes off as it should.

Best part: The Mask Karens no longer have the full force of the fed govt behind them on planes, at the gym, at the grocery store. So laugh at them, too. Or have some pity. Your choice again.