Italian Climate Nut to Live on Iceberg to ‘Prove’ Global Warming

Published January 26, 2014

It looks like we’re going to get two stunts back to back that turn into disasters for the science-denying extremists who insist man is causing run-away, catastrophic global warming.

The first was around Christmas when University of New South Wales climate professor Chris Turney set sail on the Good Ship Global Warming (the Russian charter, Akademik Shokalskiy) to prove human activity was melting the East Antarctic ice sheet . . . only to get stuck in the ice, to the disappointment of all 51 of the leftist journalists and eco-tourists on board.

The next alarmist PR debacle will come from Italian adventurer Alex Bellini. He plans to live on an iceberg in a kevlar boat/shelter for eight to 12 months to “to demonstrate just how quickly things are changing” in the arctic. His plan is to park his boat/shelter on an iceberg off Greenland this spring, and float around for a while “documenting the melting process as [the iceberg] disappears completely.”

Bellini might be up there a while. Arctic sea ice levels are up 30 percent this winter, and ice levels at both poles combined is above the long-term average. But here’s the thing: Ice builds in the arctic every winter, then as spring and then summer comes, those icebergs melt. Bellini will only be dramatically “documenting” something that is entirely natural and happens every year.

Besides, an iceberg already in the ocean off Greenland — which is where Bellini will park his boat — does not increase sea leverl rise. Here’s an experiment you can do at home: Fill a glass with water and ice. Mark the level. Let it melt. Once melted, it will be a the same level.

Spending months all alone worrying about an increasing population of polar bears finding you easier prey than waiting for a seal to surface in an air hole sure seems a strange way to “prove” nothing. But I’m not a global warming nut, so whatever (eventually) floats Bellini’s boat.

(NOTE: If you’re interested in what is really happning to the climate — science based on observable data, rather than flawed climate models aimed at political ends — visit the  Climate Change Reconsidered by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), and also check out Heartland’s eight international conferences on climate change where you can view more than 100 video presentations.)

[HT: Breitbart]