Jo Nova’s Amazing Australian Fire Coverage

Published January 22, 2020

Many skeptics have written about the Australian bush fires, but science writer and blogger Jo Nova has done something truly remarkable. She has done a running in-depth analysis of both fires and the absurd climate claims made by the alarmists.

With 15 fact filled blog posts to date and more coming, hers is a real time documentary of how the alarmists turn natural tragedy into breathless absurdity. I have seen nothing approaching it in terms of the depth of analysis. As they span 5 months, with many other posts in between, I have posted a listing of these fire articles on my Climate Change Debate Education website here:

There are tons of data, both historical and recent, not just on fires but also on the lack of preventive management. Australia is prone to major fires, each followed by careful studies on prevention that were then ignored. Green policies have made things even worse, although this is far from the worst fire season in history.

Yet Nova spends just as much time lancing the hyperbolic balloons of the climate change alarmists, who have made the Australian fires the new false idol of hysteria. Here Nova is at her wittily scornful best. This line will give you the flavor: “This is an idea surrounded by layers of dumb. Like an onion, but not that smart.”

Another fascinating feature are the comments, which number in the thousands. Unlike many raucous blogs, these comments often weave themselves into thoughtful discussions, adding even more facts to the analytical narrative.

Mind you this is an Australian blog about an Australian situation, so there is a good bit of local jargon. This includes both people and places, although many place names are fun in their own right. This includes the fact that Aussies often whimsically refer to their country as “Oz”.

For example, one quickly learns that the ABC is the billion dollar a year, publicly funded Australian Broadcasting Company, which is every bit as alarmist as its British counterpart, the BBC. Okay they are Australian dollars but it is still a lot of money. Then too, Scott Morrison, called ScoMo, is the prime minister who just defeated the alarmists in what was supposed to be the climate change national election. Boy are the alarmists after him, including the ABC. There are deep international implications to all of this local stuff.

If you go to the site, you might also poke around in some of the other topics that Nova covers. This especially includes the mad rush to renewables. It seems Australia leads the world in per capita implementation of wind and solar. As Nova frequently notes, they have the blackouts and soaring electric bills to prove it. Here too the data is impressive, while some commenters are experts on these renewable problems. That Oz still gets about 75% of its juice from coal makes this issue especially thorny.

Also of interest, are what is called “unthreaded” posts, where the commenters take the lead. This is often like the best news coverage of crazy climate alarmism around the world that money can buy, and it is free. Plus if you have a question you can ask it and expect an answer or even have a lengthy discussion. This is why I hang out there.

Note that I am not claiming to have discovered Jo Nova’s dynamite blog. In fact CFACT recently reprinted one of her fire posts and Marc Morano frequently flags her stuff on Climate Depot. Go to for the full deal.

My point is simply that her skeptical coverage of the Australian bush fires is amazing (and entertaining). Given that the alarmists are now chanting “The planet is burning” Nova’s insightful analysis is important.

[Originally Published at CFACT]