Junk Science on Mercury Debunked

Published December 12, 2005

House Resources Committee Chairman Richard W. Pombo (R-CA) and Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee Chairman Jim Gibbons (R-NV) issued earlier this year a detailed report on the science of mercury and the environment, Mercury in Perspective: Fact and Fiction About the Debate Over Mercury. The paper is a comprehensive synopsis of the peer-reviewed research regarding the debate over regulating mercury.

In the interest of debunking the junk science that pervades media coverage of mercury issues, The Heartland Institute has reprinted the Pombo-Gibbons report in a series of three articles in its monthly public policy newspaper, Environment & Climate News.

Links to each article in the series appear below.

Additional research and commentary on mercury is available through PolicyBot™, The Heartland Institute’s free online research database. Point your Web browser to http://www.heartland.org, click on the PolicyBot™ button, and choose the topic/subtopic combination Environment/Mercury.

Executive Summary of Pombo/Gibbons Mercury Report
October 2005

Part 1: House Committee Leaders Issue Mercury Report
October 2005

Part 2: Pombo, Gibbons Document Declining Mercury Exposure
November 2005

Part 3: Report: Mercury Scare Campaigns Unfounded
December 2005

Other recent articles in Environment & Climate News on mercury:

U.S. Senate Squelches Mercury Panic
November 2005

Ignoring Science, San Francisco Considers Mercury Warning
December 2005

Mercury in Fish Not Dangerous, Study Shows
December 2005

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