Leading Advocate of Consumer-driven Health Care Joins the Heartland Institute

Published April 1, 2008

(April 1, 2008 – Chicago, Illinois) Consumers seeking more control over their health care received a boost today when Consumers for Health Care Choices (CHCC) merged into The Heartland Institute.

“Media, consumers, and business and civic leaders need reliable information about the ongoing market-driven transformation of health care,” said Joseph Bast, president of the Chicago-based Heartland Institute. “Greg Scandlen and CHCC are a terrific source of original research and commentary on this important topic. Heartland’s research and publishing expertise will enable Greg to reach a much larger audience.”

The three-year-old CHCC draws its 500-person membership from physicians and other medical personnel, insurance brokers, small business owners, economists, disease-prevention advocates, and individuals interested in health care policy.

Greg Scandlen, founder and president of CHCC, based in Hagerstown, Maryland, said, “Our mission hasn’t changed. We will continue to represent the interests of consumers in the health care system as we try to restore market dynamics and personal freedom throughout the system.”

Bast added that with Heartland’s back-office support, “CHCC will grow to the next level of influence. CHCC will continue as a unit within Heartland and will include the CHCC Roundtable and outside advisory board.”

The Heartland Institute is a 24-year-old research group that discovers, develops, and promotes free-market solutions to public policy questions.

For more information, contact Harriette Johnson, media relations manager at The Heartland Institute, 312/377-4000 or [email protected].