Letter to the Editor

Published January 1, 2002

Dear Editor:

I truly do not understand the fuss about global warming. Just what is the problem?

The goal of many people is to retire and move to a warmer climate. There are also many people who are called snowbirds–not because they like snow, but because they like to avoid it. The Canadians, who can afford it, flock to Florida and Arizona and southern Texas in the winter. Why? Because they want to be where it’s warmer.

While the environmentalists and Global Planners want us to believe that we are fast running out of space where people can live, we have huge land masses such as Greenland and northern Siberia and Antarctica that are just too cold for comfortable or even practical human habitation. How does this square with the pretended global warming disaster?

Have you been real hungry lately? Try raising oranges in Minnesota or cantaloupe in Greenland. The fact is, that if the global warming predictions could come true, the rich soil of Canada’s western prairies and the Russian Ukraine would quickly replace that small area of Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois that was once called the “bread basket of the world” by the Global Planners.

It looks to me like the global warming problem fits into the same slot as having too much money or being too healthy to enjoy life.

What am I missing? Would some of the “chicken littles” please explain this to me!

Joe Zajicek
Area Coordinator
Basic Freedoms, Inc.

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