Letter to the Editor: State Needs to Realize it Must Cut Spending

Published June 16, 2010

With threats of government shutdowns and billions more in higher taxes, the State Legislature continues to refuse to admit its own sin: too much spending.

Increasing taxes on high-income earners or on products such as tobacco and soda would hurt the state’s already weak economy and defer reforms needed to put the state back on solid fiscal ground.

A recent study by the Empire Center for New York State Policy shows “state spending—from all revenue sources other than federal aid—has risen by nearly 70 percent [roughly $35 billion] over the past decade.”

Unless New York starts pushing forward on comprehensive tax reform, an overhaul of the government work force and real spending reforms, it won’t be long before tax hikes are again the “suggested” solution.

John Nothdurft
Legislative Specialist, Budget and Tax Policy, Heartland Institute

This letter to the editor was originally published in the Buffalo News.