Letter to the Editor: Tax Caps Can Work

Published June 12, 2010

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which opposes tax caps, apparently thinks New Jerseyans are not intelligent enough to be trusted with more control over the government’s purse strings (A bleak portrait of property tax caps, June 9).

Gov. Chris Christie apparently disagrees, and it is good to see New Jersey has a leader willing to promote responsible fiscal policies, such as property tax caps. It is obvious that such reform is long overdue, as the state is home to the highest property tax burden in the nation.

Even with a tax cap in place, undisciplined spending and bloated government programs must also be tackled to show a true commitment to fiscal responsibility. Capping taxes now, while budgets are being trimmed and tightened, will help attract people to the state and force legislators to govern within their means.

John Nothdurft, Heartland Institute

This letter to the editor was originally published by the New Jersey Star-Ledger.