Letters to the Editor

Published February 1, 2007

Dear Editor:

Thanks for publishing in a manner which is compatible with my scientific experiences and doesn’t give me heartburn! Truly refreshing!

Warren B. Crummett
Author, “Decades of Dioxin: Limelight on a Molecule,” Xlibris, 2002

Dear James Taylor:

In the most recent edition of Environment & Climate News, you asked readers to write or e-mail telling you what we think. Well, here’s my answer.

Though I doubt you’ve ever heard of me, the readers & editors of several magazines (“Backwoods Home,” “Wilderness Way,” and “the Backwoodsman,” among others) consider me as one of our country’s leading outdoor experts. While I have spent most of my life out of doors, and really pay close attention to what goes on in the world around me, I don’t know much about global warming. What I DO know is that from my personal observations, our world’s “tilt” must be changing a bit!!

For at least 10 years I’ve noticed that the sun’s appearance in the mid-summer sky seems a little farther north each year! To illustrate this point, maybe you could try this for yourself this summer? Pound a tall stake into the ground, keeping it perfectly plumb as you do. Mark the position of the tip of the shadow cast by the stake is at on the ground. Come back an hour or 2 later, and mark the tip of the shadow’s new position. Draw a line through both of these marks, extending it somewhat at each end. A line drawn at an exact right angle, from this line to the stake is ALWAYS supposed to point south (in the northern hemisphere anyway)!! BUT, here in Indiana, in mid-summer it now points due north! Now, I don’t care who says what, but I can’t even conceive of humanity having the ability to influence how the earth tilts on its axis. Yet, I expect folks like former V.P. Gore to find some way of blaming us.

Rev. Dr. J.D. Hooker
[Editor’s note: So much for media reports of an “alliance” of evangelicals and global warming alarmists. Also, so much for the ABC News Web site’s request for everyday people to send in their own anecdotal tales and observations to be bundled together as more “proof” of global warming.]


Thanks for your remarks on the panel with the State and Local Government Affairs group in New Orleans last week. I enjoyed the interchange you had with Tom Searchinger. I wish we had another hour for you both to continue to present your cases.

As you suggested I went to your Web site and found a wealth of information. I’ll be signing up for the newsletter and program and research announcements.

I am glad I had the chance to meet you and hear your presentation.

Thanks again.

Fred Hoke
Government Affairs Director
Home Builders Association of Lincoln