Many thanks to all the GOP State Senators for standing up for Oregon taxpayers

Published June 25, 2019

And the latest research shows that humans are a small contributor to the enormous Global Carbon Cycle. Mother Nature controls over 95% of this cycle. The latest paper from Dr. Ed Berry should be out soon.

The CO2 that humans do contribute to the atmosphere is highly beneficial, because CO2 acts like a fertilizer, promoting plant growth and therefore the greening of the Earth. Although carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, it is minor compared with the main greenhouse and climate gas, namely water vapor.

The scientific issue is how does water vapor react to increasing atmospheric CO2? Skeptics think it works to reduce the small potential warming, while alarmists think that it works to amplify warming. If alarmists were correct, water vapor should be able to amplify itself. But we know that water vapor is self limiting, and catastrophes do NOT occur. All we get are afternoon thunderstorms, such as the rare ones today in the Portland area.

Don’t worry about our climate. Mother Nature surely knows how to regulate it. Scientifically illiterate Democrats surely do not!