Marketing Is Important – for Bad Politicians, Bad Virus Policy and Good Legislation

Published May 13, 2020

As with all things everywhere, proper marketing in politics is very important.

Barack Obama is an untalented, utterly corrupt Communist hack.

Thanks to a full-on (and ongoing) Big Media marketing blitz – Obama is now an absolutely awful ex-two-term president.

Obama concluded his eight years of massive, ongoing, rolling criminal activity – by attempting a government-wide coup to overthrow his elected successor Donald Trump.

Obama left the White House – with Big Media having completely covered up eight full years of his Administration’s malfeasance.

And now Big Media is amplifying administration Vice President – and now-presumptive Democrat presidential nominee – Joe Biden’s fatuously ridiculous claim there was “not one whisper of scandal.”

So as to aid in the marketing for November’s election – of the dementia-addled, corrupt candidate.

If it weren’t for Big Media’s massive marketing – Obama, Biden and a whole host of other Obama Administration officials would already be in prison.

In fact, if it weren’t for Big Media’s massive marketing – the meritless Obama would never have been elected president.

Marketing…is very important.

Barack Obama is one of the most successful marketing jobs in the history of humanity.

Or as Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood put it:

“President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

Now, Eastwood said this in 2012.

Since then, we have been subjected to (amongst many others) the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

The fraud under which the Obama Administration and the residual Deep State Swamp colluded to conduct their attempted Trump coup.

And then there’s the “Everyone Must Shut Down and Stay Home” mandate in response to the China Virus.

Which has murdered our $22 trillion economy.  By forcing us to do things – that are antithetical to everything virology and reality tell us.

(For the record: The China Virus shutdown hoax gets my vote for greatest hoax ever perpetrated.  I would love to check in with Clint and see if he’s updated his ballot.)

Of course, marketing can be used for good as well as evil.

To wit:

Right now, we have – for all intents and purposes – absolutely no federal “privacy” law at all.

US Congress Proposes Comprehensive Federal Data Privacy Legislation – Finally

I have an intelligence-guided-by-experience distinct impression – that most Americans are ignorant of what that means.

Ignorant of what “privacy” legislation is.  And ignorant of what not having any means.

Please note: I said these many Americans are ignorant – not stupid.

It Is Big Media’s job to report to us the news of the day.  But as we have just above yet again demonstrated – Big Media is utterly corrupt.

So the average American with a regular gig – one that is not following the news for a living – is uninformed…not unintelligent.

But…we now all have access to the Internet.  Which places all humanity’s information at our fingertips.

So if the average American doesn’t expand their search for information beyond Big Media – they are helping make the case for stupid rather than ignorant.

Federal “Privacy” legislation is meant to address – basically everything we do on online.

For what we search, where we go, what we do, what we purchase,… – EVERYTHING we do online – is data for Internet companies to collect and sell.

Privacy Is a Bigger Issue Than You Think

Federal “Privacy” legislation should equally rein in – and establish identical parameters and limits for and protections from – everyone who collects our digital data.

Big Tech – Google, Facebook, Amazon,….  Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – Comcast, Verizon, AT&T,….  Everyone collecting online data.

What they collect, how they collect – and how they secure our digital data.

I think part of the problem with “Privacy” legislation – is it shouldn’t be called “Privacy” legislation.  It doesn’t market well.

“Privacy” – is too broad and vague.

“Americans’ Digital Data Protection” – is targeted and specific to what the legislation will do.  And better grabs average Americans’ attention.

We absolutely need “Americans’ Digital Data Protection” legislation.

We have had a private sector Internet for a quarter century.  And again – we still have ZERO law delineating what can and can not be done with our digital data.

Please keep in mind:

Big Tech behemoths like Google and Facebook became near-$1-TRILLION companies – nigh entirely by collecting and selling our digital data.

Big Tech behemoths – love the lack of federal Digital Data Protection legislation.

Government Absence Leaves Big Tech to Steer Privacy

And in the event of a prospective shift in the wind – Big Tech behemoths are looking to crony-rig in their favor any Digital Data Protection law Congress puts forward.

Big Tech’s Disingenuous Push for a Federal Privacy Law

But again – we need Equal Protection before Digital Data Protection law.

Big Tech, ISPs, everyone collecting digital data – treated equally.

One additional thought about Digital Data Protection law:

It should be one federal thing.  Not thousands of state, county and city things.

Leftists Do Federalism Terribly – To Then Do Policy Terribly:

“Behold the Left’s anti-Federalism assault on the Internet – ridiculously executed in the name of ‘Federalism!’

“States Will Be the Battlegrounds for 2020 Tech Policy Fights

“Will 2020 See a State-by-State Return to Net Neutrality in the US?

“Will More States Adopt Privacy Laws in 2020?

“How Progressive Federalism Can Help Preserve Net Neutrality:

“‘(I)nternet policy should be a welcome opportunity to use one of our country’s most valuable traditions, federalism, to identify policies and approaches that work, as well as those that fail to achieve their goals.’


“The World Wide Web – is a WORLD Wide Web.  An entire planet of countries – interconnected.

“So quite obviously, Internet law and regulation is the purview of our federal government.

“Our Feds pass and impose Internet policy for US – and then negotiate terms of interchange with the nations of the world.

“Having fifty different slates of state-by-state Internet policies – is omni-directional insane.”

Good marketing isn’t all about style.

Having a substantively good product helps too.

Good Digital Data Protection legislation – is easier to pass than bad Privacy legislation.

[Originally posted at RedState]