Massachusetts Voters to Decide on Charter School Cap

Published October 26, 2016

Election Day is just two weeks away. When Massachusetts voters take to the polls on November 8, they will have a say in whether the cap on the number of charter schools allowed in the state should be lifted. explains the significance of ballot Question 2:

This contentious question to raise the state cap on public charter schools has split Democrats and spilled over into legislative races. Currently, Massachusetts imposes a ceiling of 120 charter schools in the state. A “yes” vote on Question 2 would allow the state to approve 12 additional charter schools each year, while a “no” vote would keep the cap at 120.

Families for Excellent Schools, a nonprofit organization, is leading the campaign to lift the cap. The Boston Teachers Association staunchly opposes allowing more charters, saying they’ll drain money from traditional public schools. Families for Excellent Schools has found an unlikely and well-funded ally in Democrats for Education Reform. From The Boston Globe:

Advocacy group Democrats for Education Reform launched a campaign Monday aimed at shoring up lagging Democratic support for charter schools, just two weeks before voters decide a ballot measure that would allow for more of them.

The $500,000 effort, which includes phone calls, mailings, and radio advertising, comes as polls show Democrats turning sharply against the referendum and threatening its prospects for passage.

We’ll just have to wait, along with the 33,000 students on charter school waiting lists, to find out whether Massachusetts voters choose choice.

SOURCE: The Boston Globe,


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