Media Advisory: Civil Rights Leader to Address Impact of Global Warming on Minorities

Published March 18, 2008

Americans for Prosperity brings civil rights leader Roy Innis to Madison, March 19, to discuss negative impact of global warming policies on minorities.

Just hours before the Governor’s Task Force on Global Warming is set to meet, respected civil rights leader Roy Innis, chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality, will speak on the harm global warming policies pose for minorities at an Americans for Prosperity (AFP) news conference.

In addition to the 11:15 a.m. news conference in the State Capitol’s Assembly Parlor Room, Innis will deliver testimony at the 4:00 p.m. meeting of the Governor’s Task Force on Global Warming, with a specific emphasis on highlighting the dangerous trend toward eco-imperialism in global warming policy-making.


  • Roy Innis, chairman, Congress of Racial Equality; author of Energy Keepers. Energy Killers: The New Civil Rights Battle
  • Mark Block, Wisconsin Director, Americans for Prosperity

What: News conference to highlight negative economic impact of global warming policies and to highlight Americans for Prosperity’s initiative to combat economy-destroying global warming policies.

When: 11:15 a.m., Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Where: State Capitol, Assembly Parlor Room

“We’re excited to bring Mr. Innis to Wisconsin to highlight the dark side of ‘feel-good’ global warming policies,” said AFP Wisconsin Director Mark Block. “Mr. Innis will highlight the dangerous trend toward eco-imperialism that runs rampant in global warming policy-making. The huge economic costs of climate change schemes will harm the most vulnerable among us, including minorities worldwide.”

Roy Innis is national chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality, one of America’s oldest and most respected civil rights groups. He is a life-long advocate of economic development rights for poor families and communities around the world. Innis also has become an icon of economic civil rights: the power and legitimacy of self-reliance and independence.

“We are slowly destroying the energy system we have, and we are promoting an expensive, environmentally harmful, illusory energy system that exists only in theory and environmental rhetoric,” said Innis. “Worst of all, we are harming our poorest families; we are rolling back the civil rights we struggled so long and hard to achieve; and we are sending many minorities to the back of the energy and economic bus. This must not, and cannot, continue.”

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