MEDIA ADVISORY: Science Track Schedule Set for 9th International Conference on Climate Change

Published June 9, 2014

Three concurrent tracks featured at “World’s Biggest Gathering of ‘Skeptic’ Scientists and Policy Experts” taking place in Las Vegas on July 7–9

Hundreds of the world’s most prominent “skeptics” of the claim that human activity is causing a climate crisis will come together at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas July 7–9 for The Heartland Institute’s 9th International Conference on Climate Change (#ICCC9). They will review the latest climate research and publicly discuss the policy implications of government energy and environmental policies.

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Previous Heartland climate conferences have featured 187 scientists, economists, and climate policy experts from around the world and attracted more than 4,000 participants. Nearly 300 videos of presentations can be found at the archive site for the conferences.

The conference program features three concurrent tracks of information: science, public policy, and communications. In all, the conference will feature nearly 60 speakers participating in five plenary sessions and 21 break-out sessions.

The science track includes the following topics and speakers:

Climate Change and the Hydrosphere
Speakers: Dr. William Kininmonth, Australian meteorologist; Dr. William Gray, Colorado State University; Dr. Roy Spencer, University of Alabama in Huntsville

NIPCC versus IPCC: Physical Science
Speakers: Dr. Willie Soon, solar physicist and geoscientist; Dr. S. Fred Singer, Science and Environmental Policy Project; Dr. Robert M. Carter, Institute of Public Affairs

Solar Science and Climate
Speakers: Dr. Sebastian Luning, co-author of Die kalte Sonne (The Cold Sun); Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov, Space Research Sector of the Pulkovo Observatory (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Climate Change, Water, and Human Wellbeing
Speakers: Dr. Jennifer Marohasy, Central Queensland University; Dr. Nils Axel Morner, Stockholm University (retired); Dr. S. Fred Singer, Science and Environmental Policy Project

How Reliable are Temperature Records? Is Global Warming Rapid and Dangerous?
Speakers: Anthony Watts, meteorologist and researcher, Watts Up With That?; Richard Keen, University of Colorado; Dr. Larry Gould, University of Hartford

All Things Cold – Ice Age Conditions, the Cryosphere, and Recent Cold Winters
Speakers: Dr. Howard Hayden, University of Connecticut (retired); Joseph D’Aleo, ICECAP; Fred Goldberg, Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden, retired)

Looking Ahead: Future Climates
Speakers: Dr. Don Easterbrook, Western Washington University; Willis Eschenbach, independent climate researcher; Dr. Terrence Flower, St. Catherine University

The Heartland Institute will release the panels on the public policy and communications tracks in the coming days.

Visit the Web site for the conference for more information on speakers and a preliminary schedule.

The Economist magazine in 2012 called Heartland “the world’s most prominent think tank promoting skepticism about man-made climate change.” Heartland has organized and hosted eight International Conferences on Climate Change since 2008. These events have attracted extensive international attention to the debate taking place in the scientific community over the causes and consequences of climate change.

For more information about The Heartland Institute and the 9th International Conference on Climate Change, contact Director of Communications Jim Lakely at [email protected] or 312/377-4000.

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