Meet Your Heartland Friends at The Freedom Pub

Published April 19, 2010

Welcome to the ground floor of a new place on the Web to share your love of freedom and frustration over the ever-creeping state — a place called The Freedom Pub.

America’s original push-back against an overweening and unresponsive government began in the pubs, and took off after the original Tea Party. The Freedom Pub is where you can help foster today’s peaceful revolution against the same forces, and let loose the rallying cries for the modern Tea Party movement.

The Pub is where freedom-lovers from around the world can share ideas and news, watch videos, and learn about upcoming events that fight back against government intervention into our lives. You can join the group blog, comment on the posts of others, embed cool and informative videos, and a whole lot more. This is a casual place — thus the name — where freedom is discovered and the appreciation of our liberty spreads.

The Freedom Pub officially launches April 19. But as you can see upon visiting, we’ve already got a good number of regulars who enjoy bellying up to the bar. And just like a “real” tavern, The Freedom Pub is a great place to network and enjoy camaraderie among friends.

The conversation is lively and your participation is vital, so sign up as a member today!
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