Michael Crichton to Appear on C-Span 2 on February 12th & 13th

Published February 11, 2005

On Saturday, February 12 at 9:30 pm and Sunday, February 13 at 3:15 pm, Michael Crichton, the author of the blockbuster novel State of Fear, will appear on C-Span 2, “Book TV.”

Tune in and learn about the junk science behind the global warming scare, and the need for a new environmental movement based on sound science and economics. Set your VCR and Tivo recorder, because this will be a Sound Science Classic!

Crichton’s new novel, “State of Fear,” is an exciting story of five people racing around the world trying to stop environmental extremists from triggering environmental disasters which could then be blamed on global warming. While solving mysteries and foiling the environmentalists’ plots, the heros also give readers an excellent lesson in the science of global warming and the lies and deceptions of environmental organizations.

The program is based on a presentation Crichton gave on January 28 at the American Enterprise Institute -Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies. Mr. Crichton said “the evidence for so many environmental issues is, from my point of view, shockingly flawed and is unsubstantiated.” He went on to document the misuse of science by global warming alarmists and the failure of environmentalists to adopt policies to protect natural areas due to their ideological opposition to human intervention.

For more about “State of Fear,” visit Heartland’s Web site at www.heartland.org and click on the picture of the cover of the book. For an unedited transcript of Crichton’s remarks, go to http://www.aei-brookings.org/admin/authorpdfs/page.php?id=1090