Michael Mann Has Trouble With Reading Comprehension

Published January 21, 2013

It seems that fake Nobel Prize Laureate Michael Mann has his Hockey Stick in a twist over a story at Media Trackers — Florida about the $10,000 he charges for certain speaking engagements. But let’s get a couple of things straight:

1. Alyssa Carducci, the woman who wrote the story for Media Trackers — Florida, had her facts straight from the start. She explains it all here. It’s the truth.

2. It somehow generates a tingle in the hockey sticks of the enviro-left (Mann, especially) to hook anything about the public debunking of climate alarmism to The Heartland Institute, and it’s starting to get ridiculous.

Alyssa interned at Heartland in 2010, but now she’s now a free-lance writer who contributes regularly to Heartland’s publications. Like most free-lancers, Alyssa also writes for other outlets, including Media Trackers. What does it matter? Alyssa is as “affiliated” with Heartland much as Mann’s favorite Associated Press reporter Seth Borenstein is “affiliated” with any paper that ran his stories on any given day.

We’re proud of Alyssa’s reporting. I dare say we’re more comfortable with her than many of the AP’s affiliates that took a pass on Seth’s embarassing “Can Obama Keep Warmer Inauguration Weather Pledge?” story that ran over the wires on Friday.

One more thing: It’s quite rich for Mann and his social media acolytes to compare this imaginary “controversy” to how Peter Gleick committed the crimes of fraud and theft against Heartland in the Fakegate scandal. It’s even worse when Peter Gleick — an admitted fraud and thief — joins in via his Facebook account.



Shameless, this guy, considering what he’s done — and what others think of him now.