Military Families Want More Flexibility in Education, Survey Finds

Published October 18, 2017

Military families sacrifice so much for our country, and it turns out they sacrifice more than average to secure their children a quality education:

“We asked military-connected parents what sacrifices they have made to secure and accommodate a suitable education for their children, and their reported activity levels consistently surpass what we observed of current and former school parents in our 2016 national survey of the general public. More than twice the number of military-connected parents (44 percent) report taking an additional job compared to the one out of five parents (21percent) in the general public. Parents in military households (37 percent) also are much more likely to change jobs than American parents generally (14 percent). Military households (37 percent) are twice as likely (17 percent) to say they have moved to be closer to their child’s school than the national average. About one-third of military parents (32 percent) said they have taken out a new loan, which is again a substantially higher level of activity than what we observed among American parents previously (11 percent). Military parents are much more likely than the national average to say they have paid for transportation (37 percent vs. 15 percent, respectively). Military families (54 percent) are also much more likely than the national average (35 percent) to say they have paid for before- or after-care services. A majority (56 percent) of respondents said they have “significantly changed their routine,” which is 18 points higher than the national average.”

Isn’t it time we gave the people who serve and defend our nation some safe, happy learning options that meet their children’s needs, so there’s at least one area of their life that doesn’t require more sacrifice?



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