Mobile TV Poised to Create Even More Competition

Published July 1, 2007

In May, Motorola released a new wireless phone that’s more about media than calling.

The phone comes loaded with The Bourne Identity and is designed to play Hollywood blockbusters and video games. It has a quality camera built in and has as much memory as some desktop PCs.

The phone is available only in Europe and Asia at present, though economics suggest we’ll see a U.S. version soon. The research firm Gartner predicts “mobile TV” will be a mainstream wireless service by 2010, at which point it will have about 500 million subscribers worldwide. In addition, Gartner forecasts global mobile TV revenues will grow from the current $100 million a year to $15 billion.

Every company delivering any kind of content is likely to fight over that pie–programmers and film-makers already are working on how to design films for the tiny screens.

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