Mock Funeral Needed For the Fake Black Roses of Detroit

Published July 11, 2007

The Chicago Sun-Times dutifully reported on the symbolic burial of the N-word at the NAACP’s recent annual convention in Detroit. With the 2008 elections imminent, the civil rights organization is adamant that Democrats offer a better chance to create a national environment which convinces citizens that Big Brother-Big Government is obligated to monitor the general public’s speech to ensure no one inadvertently or deliberately “hurts” an innocent black person by using the N-word as a pejorative act and verbal hate crime.

The use of the N-word by black rappers and Hollywood actors is going underground. Only bootleg movies and underground compact discs of raw, politically unacceptable hip-hop gangsta rap will provide Americans with options for hearing this hateful word. A new generation of political patronage will roam our schools and workplaces attempting to ferret out unauthorized usage of the poison word. Users of the N-word will be fined and ostracized as incorrigible racists–unless, of course, the users are African-American themselves. Under certain conditions, the new word regulators will license entertainers to use the N-word for studio tapings, as long as no live utterances before mixed audiences are allowed.

In this brave new world, the fake black roses on the phony casket carrying the N-word in Detroit are a fitting symbol for the false and disingenuous strategy to delude blacks into thinking their quality of life will improve because media and government coalesce to outlaw words protected under the U.S. Constitution’s free-speech provisions.

Ralph W. Conner ([email protected]) is local legislation manager for The Heartland Institute.