Moore Means Less When Considering 100 Days Of Resistance

Published January 29, 2017

Michael Moore is 62 years old, but he has the mind of an adolescent. He is carrying out a campaign calling for 100 Days of Resistance to Trump. But he is delusional, claiming he and his progressives won the Presidency. What we see is that he wants to lead a revolution for the fun and romanticism of it.

To give him maximum credence, Moore’s career displays a dominating belief in socialism. But that would only make America into a poor, third world country. We just had an election. And it was working people who stood up and said no to the Democrat Socialists of America.

Moore’s adolescent socialism is not an issue over which reasonable people can differ. The main lesson of the 20th Century was that free market capitalism works to provide broad prosperity, and raise millions out of poverty, while socialism doesn’t.  Socialism instead produces widespread, permanent, poverty, hunger, and premature death.

To make it simple, you can compare and contrast South Korea with North Korea. Or the former West Germany with East Germany. Or Taiwan with mainland China.

Even the Russian and Chinese Communist parties don’t believe in Socialism any more. They have abandoned the tenets of Communism, defined in the last century as “Socialism in a hurry,” to try to make their nations into modern, prosperous, functioning countries.

And the debate is over throughout the Third World as well. Countries from Chile to India that abandoned socialism for free market capitalism have boomed as well. Over recent decades, free market capitalism has worked to raise millions out of the deepest poverty.

To give Moore his due, he does seem to represent a widespread redirection of the Democrat Party. The Che Guevara shirts of Democrat juveniles are not just a bad joke, but a clue as to what is in their hearts. With Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in leading roles, and Barack Obama sticking around in Washington to contribute to the resistance, the Democrat Party is well down the road to the destiny of the Russian and Chinese Communist parties.

Donald Trump was not the only Republican who won, and Hillary Clinton was not the only Democrat who lost, in the last election.  Republicans now have complete control in 33 states, holding the Governors’ offices and majorities in the state legislatures.  That would be 34, counting Nebraska, with its unicameral legislature.  Democrats have complete control in 5 states.

Republicans now have majorities in both houses of Congress. Under the misleadership of Barack Obama, Democrats have lost over 1,000 seats over the last 8 years, losing both the House and the Senate over that time, and numerous state legislatures, Governors’ offices, and other statewide offices. The notorious George Soros financing Moore’s Resistance is only contributing to the decline and fall of the Democrat Party.

There are two ways to utterly defeat Moore’s insurrection.  One is through strict law enforcement.  It is a good sign that the authorities are now planning to prosecute the hundreds of Inauguration rioters arrested for breaking the law under felony rioting statutes.  That carries up to 10 years imprisonment, and $25,000 in fines.

People should be free to protest just as the Tea Party did.  But the minute any of the “protestors” break the law, they need to be prosecuted under the law, and not just slapped on the wrist and let go. Strict law enforcement will shut Moore’s brain dead insurrection down.

The second antidote is the promising Trump agenda: Major tax reform with lower tax rates, repealing and replacing Obamacare with free market medicine, energy deregulation liberating American energy producers to lead the world in low cost energy production achieving American energy independence, balancing the budget with spending reductions, and monetary policy reform including a link to gold.

The American economy never really recovered from the 2008-2009 recession. As Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman showed, the American historical record is that the deeper the recession, the stronger the recovery.  But 8 years later, that recovery still has not happened under quasi-Socialist Obamanomics.

The result has been long term stagnation, subpar economic growth, declining middle class incomes, soaring poverty and welfare dependence.  Voters, especially working families, have made clear that they will no longer tolerate such long term American economic decline. Hence the decline of the Democrat Party during the Obama years.

Moore’s insurrection will quickly end when Trump successfully restores booming economic growth. That is why grassroots organization to ensure successful implementation of Trump’s agenda is so vital.

[Originally Published at the Daily Caller]