More Peer-Reviewed Studies Contradict Global Warming Alarmism

Published August 1, 2008

Despite what many global warming alarmists assert in the media, there are many articles in the world’s leading science publications contradicting the assertion that “the debate is over” about global warming. These articles destroy the illusion that there is a “consensus” among scientists about the causes of global warming. The following is the second of a three-part list of many such articles. Compiled by Peter Risdon.

‘Hockey Stick’

Proxy climatic and environmental changes of the past 1000 years (Climate Research, vol. 23, 89–110, January 2003) – Willie Soon, Sallie Baliunas

Corrections to the Mann et al. (1998) Proxy Data Base and Northern Hemisphere Average Temperature Series (Energy & Environment, vol. 14, no. 6, pp. 751-771, November 2003) – Stephen McIntyre, Ross McKitrick

The M&M Critique of the MBH98 Northern Hemisphere Climate Index: Update and Implications (Energy & Environment, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 69-100, January 2005) – Stephen McIntyre, Ross McKitrick

Hockey sticks, principal components, and spurious significance (Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 32, February 2005) – Stephen McIntyre, Ross McKitrick

Reply to comment by Huybers on “Hockey sticks, principal components, and spurious significance” (Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 32, October 2005) – Stephen McIntyre, Ross McKitrick

Reply to comment by von Storch and Zorita on “Hockey sticks, principal components, and spurious significance” (Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 32, October 2005) – Stephen McIntyre, Ross McKitrick

Highly variable Northern Hemisphere temperatures reconstructed from low- and high-resolution proxy data (Nature 433, 613-617, February 2005) – Anders Moberg, Dmitry M. Sonechkin, Karin Holmgren, Nina M. Datsenko and Wibjörn Karlén

Comment on “The Spatial Extent of 20th-Century Warmth in the Context of the Past 1200 Years” (Science, vol. 316. no. 5833, p. 1844, June 2007) – Gerd Bürger

A 2000-year global temperature reconstruction based on non-treering proxies (Energy & Environment, vol. 18, nos. 7-8, pp. 1049-1058, December 2007) – C. Loehle


Can We Detect Trends in Extreme Tropical Cyclones? (Science, vol. 313. no. 5786, pp. 452 – 454, 28 July 2006) – Christopher W. Landsea, Bruce A. Harper, Karl Hoarau, John A. Knaff

Causes of the Unusually Destructive 2004 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season (Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol. 87, issue 10, October 2006) – Philip J. Klotzbach, William M. Gray

Comments on “Impacts of CO2-Induced Warming on Simulated Hurricane Intensity and Precipitation: Sensitivity to the Choice of Climate Model and Convective Scheme” (Journal of Climate, vol. 18, issue 23, December 2005) – Patrick J. Michaels, Paul C. Knappenberger, Christopher Landsea

Counting Atlantic Tropical Cyclones Back to 1900 (Transactions of the American Geophysical Union, vol. 88, no. 18, p. 197, 2007) – Christopher W. Landsea

Hurricanes and Global Warming (Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol. 86, issue 11, November 2005) – R. A. Pielke Jr., C. Landsea, M. Mayfield, J. Laver, and R. Pasch

Are there trends in hurricane destruction? (Nature 438, E11, 22 December 2005) – Roger A. Pielke, Jr.

Sea-surface temperatures and tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin (Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 22, no. 33, L09708, 2006) – Patrick J. Michaels, Paul C. Knappenberger, Robert E. Davis

Tropical Cyclones and Global Climate Change: A Post-IPCC Assessment (Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol. 79, issue 1, January 1998) – A. Henderson-Sellers, H. Zhang, G. Berz, K. Emanuel, W. Gray, C. Landsea, G. Holland, J. Lighthill, S.-L. Shieh, P. Webster, K. McGuffie


Time to ditch Kyoto (Nature 449, 973-975, 25 October 2007) – Gwyn Prins, Steve Rayner

Medieval Warm Period/Little Ice Age

A 700 year record of Southern Hemisphere extratropical climate variability (Annals of Glaciology, vol. 39, p.127-132, 2004) – P.A Mayewski, K. Maasch, J.W.C White, E.J. Steig, E. Meyerson, I. Goodwin, V.I. Morgan, T. van Ommen, M.A.J. Curran, J. Sourney, K. Kreutz

Coherent High- and Low-Latitude Climate Variability During the Holocene Warm Period (Science, vol. 288. no. 5474, pp. 2198 – 2202, 23 June 2000) – Peter deMenocal, Joseph Ortiz, Tom Guilderson, Michael Sarnthein

Evidence for a ‘Medieval Warm Period’ in a 1,100 year tree-ring reconstruction of past austral summer temperatures in New Zealand (Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 29, no. 14, pp. 12-1 to 12-4. 15 July 2002) – E. R. Cook, J. G. Palmer, R. D’Arrigo

Evidence for the existence of the medieval warm period in China (Climatic Change, vol. 26, nos. 2-3, March, 1994) – De’Er Zhang

Glacial geological evidence for the medieval warm period (Climatic Change, vol. 26, nos. 2-3, March, 1994) – Jean M. Grove, Roy Switsur

Late Holocene surface ocean conditions of the Norwegian Sea (Vøring Plateau) (Paleooceanography, vol. 18, no. 2, 1044, 2003) – Carin Andersson, Bjørg Risebrobakken, Eystein Jansen, Svein Olaf Dahl

Low-Frequency Signals in Long Tree-Ring Chronologies for Reconstructing Past Temperature Variability (Science, vol. 295. no. 5563, pp. 2250 – 2253, 22 March 2002) – Jan Esper, Edward R. Cook, Fritz H. Schweingruber

Medieval climate warming and aridity as indicated by multiproxy evidence from the Kola Peninsula, Russia (Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, vol. 209, issues 1-4, pp. 113-125, 6 July 2004) – K. V. Kremenetski, T. Boettger, G. M. MacDonald, T. Vaschalova, L. Sulerzhitsky, A. Hiller

Medieval Warm Period, Little Ice Age and 20th century temperature variability from Chesapeake Bay (Global and Planetary Change, vol. 36, issues 1-2, March 2003, Pages 17-29) – T. M. Cronin, G. S. Dwyer, T. Kamiya, S. Schwede, D. A. Willard

The Little Ice Age and Medieval Warm Period in the Sargasso Sea (Science, vol. 274. no. 5292, pp. 1503 – 1508, 29 November 1996) – Lloyd D. Keigwin

The Little Ice Age and Medieval Warming in South Africa (South African Journal of Science 96: 121-126, 2000) – P. D. Tyson, W. Karlén, K. Holmgren and G. A. Heiss

The ‘Mediaeval Warm Period’ drought recorded in Lake Huguangyan, tropical South China (Holocene, vol. 12, no. 5, pp. 511-516, 2002) – Guoqiang Chu, Jiaqi Liu, Qing Sun, Houyuan Lu, Zhaoyan Gu, Wenyuan Wang, Tungsheng Liu

The Medieval Warm Period in the Daihai Area (Journal of Lake Sciences, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 209-216, September 2002) – Z. Jin, J. Shen, S. Wang, E. Zhang

Torneträsk tree-ring width and density ad 500–2004: a test of climatic sensitivity and a new 1500-year reconstruction of north Fennoscandian summers (Climate Dynamics, January, 2008) – Håkan Grudd

Tree-ring and glacial evidence for the medieval warm epoch and the little ice age in southern South America (Climatic Change, vol. 26, nos. 2-3, March, 1994) – Ricardo Villalba

Polar Bears

Polar bears of western Hudson Bay and climate change: Are warming spring air temperatures the “ultimate” survival control factor? (Ecological Complexity, vol. 4, issue 3, pp. 73-84, September 2007) – M.G. Dyck, W. Soon, R.K. Baydack, D.R. Legates, S. Baliunas, T.F. Ball, L.O. Hancock

Sea Level

Estimating future sea level changes from past records (Global and Planetary Change, vol. 40, issues 1-2, pp. 49-54, January 2004) – Nils-Axel Mörner

New perspectives for the future of the Maldives (Global and Planetary Change, vol. 40, issue 1-2, pp. 177-182. 2004) – Nils-Axel Mörner, Michael Tooley, Goran Possnert

Snowfall-Driven Growth in East Antarctic Ice Sheet Mitigates Recent Sea-Level Rise (Science, vol. 308. no. 5730, pp. 1898 – 1901, 24 June 2005) – Curt H. Davis, Yonghong Li, Joseph R. McConnell, Markus M. Frey, Edward Hanna

Solar Influence on Climate (Part I)

A mechanism for sun-climate connection (Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 32, 2005) – Sultan Hameed, Jae N. Lee

A Millennium Scale Sunspot Reconstruction: Evidence for an Unusually Active Sun Since the 1940s (Physical Review Letters 91, 2003) – Ilya G. Usoskin, Sami K. Solanki, Manfred Schüssler, Kalevi Mursula, Katja Alanko

Celestial Climate Driver: A Perspective from Four Billion Years of the Carbon Cycle (Geoscience Canada, vol. 32, no. 1, March 2005) – Ján Veizer

Celestial driver of Phanerozoic climate? (Geological Society of America Today, vol. 13, issue 7, July 2003) – Nir J. Shaviv, Ján Veizer

Climate Change: The Sun’s Role (arXiv:0706.3621, 23 Jun 2007) – Gerald E. Marsh

Comparison of proxy records of climate change and solar forcing (Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 23, issue 4, pp. 359-362, 02/1996) – Crowley, Thomas J., Kim, Kwang-Yul

Evidence of Solar Variation in Tree-Ring-Based Climate Reconstructions (Solar Physics, vol. 205, no. 2, pp. 403-417, February 2002) – M.G. Ogurtsov , G.E. Kocharov, M. Lindholm, J. Meriläinen, M. Eronen, Yu.A. Nagovitsyn

Geophysical, archaeological, and historical evidence support a solar-output model for climate change (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 97, no. 23, 12433-12438, November 7, 2000) – Charles A. Perry, Kenneth J. Hsu

Has solar variability caused climate change that affected human culture? (Advances in Space Research, vol. 40, issue 7, Pages 1173-1180, 2007) – Joan Feynmana

Imprint of Galactic dynamics on Earth’s climate (Astronomische Nachrichten, vol. 327, issue 9, Pages 866 – 870, 10 Oct 2006) – H. Svensmark

Is solar variability reflected in the Nile River? (Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 111, D21114, 2006) – Alexander Ruzmaikin, Joan Feynman, Yuk L. Yung

Length of the Solar Cycle: An Indicator of Solar Activity Closely Associated with Climate (Science, vol. 254. no. 5032, pp. 698 – 700, November 1991) – E. Friis-Christensen, K. Lassen

Linkages between solar activity, climate predictability and water resource development (Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering, vol. 49 no. 2, pp. 32–44, June 2007) – W J R Alexander, F Bailey, D B Bredenkamp, A van der Merwe, N Willemse

Long-Period Cycles of the Sun’s Activity Recorded in Direct Solar Data and Proxies (Solar Physics, vol. 211, nos. 1-2, December, 2002) – M.G. Ogurtsov, Yu.A. Nagovitsyn, G.E. Kocharov, H. Jungner

Orbital Controls on the El Niño/Southern Oscillation and the Tropical Climate (Paleoceanogrpahy, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 441–456, 1999) – A. C. Clement, R. Seager, M. A. Cane

Palaeoenvironmental evidence for solar forcing of Holocene climate: linkages to solar science (Progress in Physical Geography, vol. 23, no. 2, 181-204, 1999) – Frank M. Chambers, Michael I. Ogle, Jeffrey J. Blackford

Persistent Solar Influence on North Atlantic Climate During the Holocene (Science, vol. 294. no. 5549, pp. 2130 – 2136, 7 December 2001) – Gerard Bond, Bernd Kromer, Juerg Beer, Raimund Muscheler, Michael N. Evans, William Showers, Sharon Hoffmann, Rusty Lotti-Bond, Irka Hajdas, Georges Bonani

Phenomenological solar contribution to the 1900–2000 global surface warming (Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 33, L05708, 2006) – N. Scafetta, B. J. West

Phenomenological solar signature in 400 years of reconstructed Northern Hemisphere temperature record (Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 33, L17718, 2006) – N. Scafetta, B. J. West

Possible solar forcing of century-scale drought frequency in the northern Great Plains (Geology, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 263-266, Mar 1999) – Zicheng Yu, Emi Ito

Reply to Lockwood and Fröhlich – The persistent role of the Sun in climate forcing (Danish National Space Center Scientific Report, 3/2007) – H. Svensmark, E.Friis-Christensen

Regional tropospheric responses to long-term solar activity variations (Advances in Space Research, vol. 40, issue 7, pp. 1167-1172, 2007) – O.M. Raspopov, V.A. Dergachev, A.V. Kuzmin, O.V. Kozyreva, M.G. Ogurtsov, T. Kolström and E. Lopatin

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