Nanny State of the Week: Michigan becomes second state to lose its mind over beer label

Published September 8, 2015

For the second time this year, a state has come to the conclusion babies and beer don’t mix.

And, yes, you shouldn’t be filling Junior’s bottle with ale, but that’s not what these states are saying.

ENCOURAGING KIDS TO EAT OATMEAL: The label of Founders’ Breakfast Stout is illegal in the state of New Hampshire.

Michigan followed New Hampshire by banning the sale of Founders Brewery’s Oatmeal Breakfast Stout because a baby appears on the label. Note the baby isn’t drinking beer or otherwise encouraging his fellow youngsters to engage in illegal and potentially dangerous activity — he’s just licking clean a bowl of oatmeal.

But that baby has now been thrown out with the bathwater – or with the last batch of beer, if you prefer.

The Grand Rapids-based brewery announced last week it was changing the label because state alcohol regulators took issue with the picture of a baby eating oatmeal, reported Michigan Live.

As we gear up for Stout Season, we’re also saying goodbye to a dear friend. The baby of Breakfast Stout is taking some time away from his crib after being booted from the label in our home state of Michigan. However, you’ll continue to see that familiar face in all other states within our distribution footprint – and soon,” read a note posted to the brewery’s website.


Eric Boehm ([email protected]) is a reporter for An earlier version of this article appeared at Used with permission.