NASA Activists Caught Claiming Fictitious Warming

Published June 24, 2014

Government employees overseeing “official” temperature datasets are adding nonexistent warming to recent temperature records, Steven Goddard documents on his Real Science website.

The revelation is not new. Goddard and others have for many years documented how global warming activists at NASA’s Goddard Institute and elsewhere consistently adjust the raw temperature data reported by actual thermometers to lower past temperatures and inflate recent temperature data to create a fictitious pronounced warming trend. The adjustments are so substantial that NASA’s Goddard Institute reports a very large 0.5 degree Celsius warming of the United States since the 1930s even though the actual thermometer data show approximately 0.5 degrees of cooling.

The media finally picked up on the story this week, with Christopher Booker of the UK Telegraph devoting a full column to the issue over the weekend. Several other media outlets, including the Drudge Report, picked up on Booker’s lead and are also reporting the discrepancy between actual temperature data and the bogus “official” temperature reports.

There is some disagreement as to whether nefarious motives or mere incompetence explain why nonexistent warming is being added to the raw temperature data. Either way, the official reported temperature data do not match actual thermometer readings, the discrepancy makes the Earth’s modest recent warming appear much greater than is actually the case, third-party scientists have brought this to the attention of the global warming activists who oversee the official government temperature records, and the overseers have declined to correct the record.

Inconvenient deniers……