Net Neutrality Hurts Consumers

Published June 10, 2010

“Reichert, Larsen disappoint with Net-neutrality stance” [Ryan Blethen column, Opinion, June 6] claims “lobbyists orchestrating opposition to Net neutrality have been busy combing Congress for friends to thwart any action that brings sensible consumer-oriented policy to the Internet.”

The title of this column suggests consumers would benefit from Net neutrality, but doesn’t explain how. I could not disagree with it more.

If we accept this role for the Federal Communications Commission, perhaps we also should allow the agency to mandate that DirecTV must provide all possible channels to all subscribers.

Consumers would benefit from this —until they got their bill. Prices would soar and quality would plummet. How exactly would consumers benefit?

— Marc Oestreich, telecommunications legislative specialist for The Heartland Institute, Chicago, Ill.

Originally featured in the Seattle Times