Net Neutrality: The Media Lies – Then Polls On The Results Of Their Lies

Published December 6, 2017

A couple of week’s ago, the Donald Trump Administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced they on December 14 would be rightly, reasonably undoing the Barack Obama Administration FCC’s ridiculous, regressive Internet power grab.

Behold Network Neutrality. And the Obama FCC pretending to be Congress – and “reclassifying” the Internet.

“Reclassification” is Gov Speak – for changing the regulatory category in which the Internet exists.

Since the 1990s privatization of the Internet, the Web has existed in very lightly regulated Title I.

Not surprisingly, when government leaves something largely alone – great things happen.

Nothing in human history has grown bigger, better and/or faster than the Net – in no small part because the government was doing nothing to “help.”

Of course, the Obama Administration couldn’t stand something so freely doing so well. So they – without benefit of Congress – “reclassified” the Web to under Title II.

Title II is a classification – from the 1934 Telecommunications Act. Get that? Nineteen thirty-four. Title II was created to regulate landline telephones. Get that? Landline telephones.

This for the Internet makes zero legal or technological sense. But for the Obama FCC – it made political sense. Because under Title II – there are mountain ranges of regulations and taxes to impose.

The Trump FCC is this month rightly, reasonably undoing this titanic stupidity.

And ever since, the “news” media has been subjecting us to their case of collective vapors.

We last week chronicled more than two dozen “news” stories – in which Titles I & II and/or reclassification are never, ever mentioned.

Which is wholly dishonest – if you want to honestly report what the Trump FCC is doing.

Today, let us look at some of the very many awful angles the media is taking on this – and piecemeal deal with their collectivist nonsense.

FCC Is Expected to Unveil Its Plan to Destroy Net Neutrality During Thanksgiving Week: “While Americans are busy traveling, paying attention to Black Friday deals, and spending time with family, the Federal Communications Commission will be rolling out its least popular proposal of the year: its final plan to dismantle net neutrality.…”

Not mentioned: Trump’s FCC – yes, during Thanksgiving week – released the actual text of the actual order. Nearly a month before the vote. The Trump FCC is doing this advance release of pending orders – for the first time in the history of the FCC.

Get that? Never, ever before has the FCC released the text of an order before they voted on it.

This is historic, precedent-setting (we hope) transparency.

And the media pretends like Trump’s FCC is obfuscating.

What Could FCC’s Net Neutrality Vote Mean for the Internet?

You certainly won’t learn the truth from this news story – since it contains zero iterations of “Title II” or “reclassification.”

F.C.C. Plans Net Neutrality Repeal in a Victory for Telecoms

Yes, a victory for the “telecoms” – i.e. the Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Oh – and everyone who likes the Internet the way it was for the two decades prior to the Obama power grab. Which is anyone with an IQ above nine on a warm day.

If ever the phrase “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it” was applicable – this is it.

Oh – and the New York Times here never, ever mentions any iteration of “Title I,” “Title II” or “reclassification.”

Net Neutrality Needs You as Much as You Need It

Not mentioned: You do not need Net Neutrality. At all. Because we’ve never, ever needed it – ever.

Also not mentioned – any iteration of “Title I,” “Title II” or “reclassification.”

How a Net Neutrality Rollback Could Create a Tiered Internet

Get that? If a news story contains the word and concept of “could” – it isn’t a news story. It’s rank speculation.

CBS News is here engaged in the journalistic equivalent of astrology. “What’s your sign?” – is not a legitimate avenue of journalistic inquiry.

Rolling back Net Neutrality – could also lead to the Internet’s continued mass expansion.

The latter – is far more likely.

Since in the two decades without these massive regulations – the Internet was never, ever tiered.

And in the two decades without these massive regulations, the Internet went from “What’s that?” – to 1/6th of our entire economy.

And here, too – of course – zero iterations of “Title I,” “Title II” or “reclassification.”

We could take very easy stabs at this avalanche of media inanity – until the crack of doom.

But you by now certainly get the idea.

The media is wantonly lying to you about Net Neutrality, Title II – and what the Obama and Trump FCC’s did and are doing about them.

So when the lying, Leftist media then polls their audiences to which they lie – it is entirely a waste of time.

Poll: 60 Percent of Voters Support FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

Poll: Republicans and Democrats Both Overwhelmingly Support Net Neutrality

Majority of Americans Support Net Neutrality (If They Know What It Is)

“If they know what it is?”

It’s the lying, Leftist media. So “they” – their audiences – absolutely do not know what Net Neutrality is.

Even when they think they do.

[Originally Published at RedState]