New Web Site Offers One-of-a-Kind Resources for Conservative Blacks

Published January 10, 2006

The new Web site of The New Coalition for Economic and Social Change, at, offers a wealth of one-of-a-kind resources addressing the ideas and concerns of conservative blacks and other nonwhite Americans.

The New Coalition, based in Chicago, is a national nonprofit organization devoted to advancing conservative multiculturalism, a way of looking at the social order that leads to conservative or libertarian conclusions, but that is filtered and changed by experiences both historic and personal that are not shared by whites.

“Our goals are to help nonwhite Americans become more economically independent; formulate a strategy to deal with crime, poor health, unemployment, and miseducation; publicize the diversity of thought within multicultural communities; and foster experts able to comment on a wide variety of issues,” explains Lee Walker, who is president of The New Coalition, a member of the editorial board of the Chicago Defender (the nation’s only black-owned daily newspaper), and a former columnist for Crain’s Chicago Business.

The New Coalition site features:

  • The full text of U.S. Supreme Court decisions for which Justice Clarence Thomas has delivered the opinion of the Court.
  • The full text of The Conscience of Conservative Blacks, published in 2005 by The New Coalition and The Heartland Institute;
  • Links to conservative black columnists, including Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Star Parker, and to conservative black organizations and other groups;
  • Chicago Defender and Crain’s Chicago Business columns and essays by Walker; and
  • Public policy research and commentary on scores of topics, from affirmative action to hate crimes to school vouchers and more.

For more information about The New Coalition for Economic and Social Change, contact Lee Walker at 312/377-4000, email [email protected]. For more information on The New Coalition’s Web site, contact Web manager Latonya Harris at [email protected].