New Year’s Resolutions for an Ailing America

Published January 20, 2022

When shamelessly lying political “leaders” behave as despots, a double standard for enforcing laws is rampant, and fear of deep-state tactics from IRS, FBI, CIA, FDA, and other alphabet-agencies become endemic, Americans have more to fear than a virus.

Collectivism — call it communism, fascism, socialism — is far deadlier than any physical disease, and it is perilously and perhaps fatally attacking the very heart of our social-political-cultural “body” as a basically free-and-healthy nation.

Individuals die from physical diseases one-by-one, but a nation and its hallmark esprit — in America, individualism and love of liberty — dies as an all-encompassing organized entity from malignant practices by big power-players who work to still the philosophical heartbeat of the populace and kill the socio-economic freedom that lets that heart throb.

Look how we already are constrained by controls. All the way from privacy-invasive TAS “security” body-pats to toilet-and-shower-water restrictions in our homes, we are regulated by … who, really?

Let’s see: Big-power-wielding elected politicians, unelected bureaucrats running big government agencies, big media/tech-communication networks (including social media), big public-school agendas, big-business tycoons, and big-money elites.

Note: one adjective keeps reappearing.


Even when having a spat (and that’s all Democrats and Republicans ever have because they have more in common than they have in differences), “House” and Senate legislators in Washinton D.C. have usurped big unlawful power to spend big tax dollars or print fake money like habituated drunks on a never-ending binge; they pass laws so unconstitutional that even Alexander Hamilton would shake in his grave; they do not adhere to the same laws that they make as the rest of us must do.

In his first 12 days in office, the current U.S. president dictated more and massively bigger executive orders and memoranda than the previous two presidents combined. That number is still growing … bigger.

Others — we all know their names — do dirty work within big government agencies to protect by-now-countless corrupt politicians and their families from high-up Hillary down to lowly Hunter.

Big network media and social/tech media spew lies, incite fear, and fuel racism to unsuspecting viewers in blatant manners that would make journalists and media of the past cringe with disgust for pushing agendas to help big government control us all. But today’s “commentator-reporters” will not suffer, and they know it because they are part and parcel of the Big Plan to condition the rest of us into passive obedience.

Every dictatorship needs media to spread lies on a regular basis akin to providing a daily needle for drug addicts and keep them docile and compliant, at the same time censoring dissent. Big tech even gives “big” money to conservative-libertarian public-policy groups to buy silence against media manipulation, and (sadly) many comply and let the Biggies run roughshod over First Amendment rights.

Read Orwell’s “1984” or (more relevant) Huxley’s “Brave New World.” Ponder past practices of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany or present-day China.

Big-scale public-school agendas distort history-knowledge-reasoning education and focus on race, sex, and every other non-academic-group-oriented subject to destroy student’s independent, critical-thinking abilities and instill confusion, guilt, and fear into America’s future adults.

Big business lobbies big-power-wielding politicians for competitive privileges unfathomable to America’s Framers and fund big government agencies to do behind-the-scenes-maneuvering for more.

Big Pharma, for example, funds nearly half the FDA’s budget, so imagine the privilege-payoffs there; plus, they and other “Bigs” pour millions-billions into political campaigns and give additional protection-money to other regulatory agencies as extra insurance for their enjoyment of various privileges that otherwise would initiate legitimate and winnable lawsuits against them.

Big-money elites — there are so many, and we know their names, too — also pour millions-billions into political campaigns and use nonprofit foundations for the purpose of hiding personal desires to bend the will of multitudes around the globe toward support of (or submission to) their projects for the so-called “good of whatever” but actually to promote themselves and their deleterious agendas.

Lack of trust politically, uncertainty of law, loss of personal autonomy, power and privilege over individual choice, indoctrination of children and obedience from adults are the essentials supporting every tyranny in history. All these major symptoms of severe cultural ailment are glaringly apparent in America. Big-Time.

If “average” Americans do not put aside their own political party loyalties and resist Bigness Collusion whenever-however they can, “Bigs” in every arena will succeed in terminating these United States of America. Then, Thomas Paine’s (1737-1809) prescient words will be true:

“When we contemplate the fall of empires and the extinction of nations of the Ancient World, we see little to excite our regrets than the smoldering ruins of pompous palaces, magnificent museums, lofty pyramids and walls and towers of the most costly workmanship; but when the empire of America shall fall, the subject for contemplative sorrow will be infinitely greater than crumbling brass and marble can inspire. It will not then be said, “Here stood a temple of vast antiquity; here rose a babble of invisible height; or there a palace of sumptuous extravagance; but here, ah, painful thought, the noblest work of human wisdom, the grandest scene of human glory, the fair cause of Freedom rose and fell.”

America is more than a nation. America is an idea that was born here and must not perish.

So! Let us each start this New Year by speaking against “Bigs” and their mandates and lies, saying aloud that whatever comes our way the freedom-loving American Spirit is alive and energetic, that we shall save our children by standing up to “Woke” schoolboards and psychologically unhealthy curricula, that we shall support municipal sovereignty against state edicts, that we shall use our places of worship not to pray for help but to band together for practical action, and that we (finally!) shall rise up together against every oppressor as one people, indivisible, demanding justice for all and privilege to none.

The hour is late. The clock is ticking. The alarm is ringing.

Wake-up time — Now!


First published at: Newsmax.

Photo by: Ken Jones, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).