New York Shouldn’t Overreact

Published November 29, 2006

Dear Editor:

Regarding “New York should act on global warming now” (November 29), it is important to note that the scare scenarios presented by the environmental activist group Environmental Advocates are not within the mainstream of science.

As the Pughkeepsie Journal correctly points out, Environmental Advocates’ projections “reflect the high-end of the projected range” of temperature possibilities. Temperatures are far more likely to rise by a mild 1 to 2 degrees, than the 10 degrees Environmental Advocates warns of.

Moreover, they claim that heat-related illnesses will rise, but fail to mention more people die due to cold spells than heat waves. They project more floods, but fail to explain how this is compatible with alarmist predictions of greater drought due to global warming.

Perhaps the alarmists need to debate themselves and come up with internally consistent scare scenarios before imposing their restrictive demands on the rest of us.

James Taylor ([email protected]) is senior fellow for environmental affairs for The Heartland Institute and managing editor of Environment & Climate News.