Ninth Circus Court No More? Trump-McConnell’s Judges Have Made Huge Differences Everywhere

Published August 17, 2020

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals – the nation’s largest Appeals court – has long been a judicial joke.  A Leftist clown show that routinely made up law – rather than adhering it.

Hence its long-running nickname – The Ninth Circus Court of Appeals

Despite claims to the contrary by the Leftist “fact-checkers” – the Ninth is the most overturned federal court of appeals in the country.  Because its judges so often ignore the law – and instead impose their own Leftist personal policy preferences.

Well, President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have gone a long way towards rectifying this mess.

Trump’s consistent fealty to constitutional jurists – and McConnell’s prioritization of getting them confirmed – is paying huge dividends all across the country.

Especially in the Ninth Circus.

With Ten Appointees on the Ninth Circuit, Trump Seeks to Tame His Nemesis

The Court’s entire judge population is twenty-nine.  More than 1/3 of them – are now Trump judges.

Trump’s Reshaping of ‘Ninth Circus’ Appeals Court Has Stopped a Lot of ‘Liberal Judicial Activism’

Indeed it has.  But it has been much more than simply preventative – it has been proactive. 

Not only have horrendous rulings been halted – outstanding rulings have ensued.

We knew about all of this Trump corrective action last Wednesday – when we wrote the following:

When the Ninth Circuit Court Unanimously Says Youve Gone Too Far Left….:

“For those not versed in Legalese – this is the Ninth Circuit dropping a nuclear bomb upon the whole nightmare mess (Barack) Obama and (Judge Lucy) Koh had foisted upon Qualcomm, the courts and all the rest of us.”

But we couldn’t pass up the eye-catching-and-popping headline.

But that wasn’t last week’s only great news to come from the Ninth….

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