No More Teacher’s Dirty Tricks

Published November 18, 2011

A Halloween prank run amok at a Massachusetts school caused a 15-year-old student to break his kneecap. He may sue the school district for damages.

A teacher evidently arranged for a man wearing a mask and carrying what looked like a chainsaw in full operating mode to knock on the classroom door. The teacher asked the 15-year-old to answer the door, but when he saw the man and the chainsaw, he jumped back, fell, and broke his kneecap. “He was extremely terrified,” his lawyer said.

The lawsuit hasn’t been filed yet, however. A law caps damages at $100,000, and the student and his family are trying to figure out a way to recover more than that amount.

Source: “Taunton Family Filing Lawsuit After Halloween Prank Mishap At School,WBZ CBS-Boston, September 14, 2011