Nuts to You

Published September 27, 2011

A Pennsylvania judge who has handed out thousands of hollowed-out acorns to people in or around his courtroom, each stuffed with an unwrapped condom, will not be disciplined for conduct bringing the judiciary into “disrepute” or for undermining “the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.”

The state judicial discipline board dismissed a complaint against the judge, saying his conduct was not a violation of laws governing judges.

The judge told the state he had collected thousands of acorns, stuffed them with condoms, and handed them out as a reminder to have safe sex.

Police arrested the judge for disorderly conduct after two women complained he gave them each an acorn from his bag when they encountered him on the grounds outside a state building where he was collecting–yes, acorns. “They make a nice afternoon snack, try them. I’ll be here tomorrow, let me know what you think,” the judge allegedly told them.

The disorderly conduct charge was dismissed, but the State Judicial Conduct Board brought a complaint. The judicial court dismissed it, though saying it disapproved and the judge lacked “good judgment.”

“We consider–for we cannot ignore–the fact that condoms are regularly given out to children by our government,” the court said. But it added, “We must say … his preoccupation with acorns is mystifying to the court.”

The judge serves on a court in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Source: Cindy Stauffer, “Court clears Stoltzfus in acorn case,” Lancaster New Era, August 21, 2011 available at via