NY AG Schneiderman: The Left Loses An Anti-Energy Elected Official; The Awfulness Continues

Published May 10, 2018

Many of us are now aware of the mascara-wearing, woman-abusing, recently-ex-Attorney General of New York – Eric Schneiderman.

N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Appoints Special Prosecutor to Investigate Schneiderman

We can be quite sure Cuomo’s surely-sham investigator – won’t be investigating this:

Why New York Attorneys General Are Such Power-Mad Freaks: “The fact that two of the last three men who served as New York attorney general were ousted from public life for sexual misbehavior clearly will overshadow a much bigger problem: The job is structured to attract the worst pols by granting them immense prosecutorial power to crush targets and feed their ambition.”

Schneiderman put this massive abuse-of-power to really bad use. Schneiderman is a Leftist. And Leftists don’t like capitalism generally – or the energy that fuels it specifically.

So Schneiderman spent years persecuting energy companies generally – and ExxonMobil specifically.

NY’s Government Assault On Exxon: Coordinated In Advance With Leftist Groups

But of course – Schneiderman wasn’t operating in a vacuum. He was working in coordination with all sorts of Leftist “outside” groups – which are always very successful at getting inside Democrats’ offices.

These are the same Leftist groups – that have been blocking any energy exploration or development anywhere in the United States.

Oh – and of course these Leftist groups can’t do anything…without funding. So of course we have a whole host of the usual Leftist billionaire suspects surreptitiously dumping billions of dollars into their Communist coffers. And in many other ways working together to disguise their anti-energy agenda – behind masks of alleged environmental concerns.

It’s a scene, Man.

We’ll work our way east-to-west across the US – stopping for select Leftist annoyance visual aides all along the way.

We move next to North Dakota.

Too Much Dishonesty, WAY Too Late, on the Dakota Access Pipeline: “Behold environmentalist radical trial lawyers EarthJustice – and their client, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (SRST)….EarthJustice and the Tribe have filed a lawsuit to try to stop the DAPL – in which they falsely claim they never had any say in the approval processes. Five governments’ documented evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.”

God bless now-President Donald Trump – who almost immediately after entering the Oval Office green-lit once-and-for-all the Dakota Pipeline.

We move next to Washington state. Where the Left demonstrates they are WAY more wealthy and well-funded than they are intelligent.

Steyer-Money Environmentalists Confuse Vancouvers: “The race for port commissioner in Vancouver, British Columbia looks strangely similar to the same race in Vancouver, Wash.

“At least that’s the takeaway from a recent campaign mailer from the Washington Conservation Voters (WCV) political action committee, which has taken an interest in the race.

“In Vancouver, Wash., the race for port commissioner is between Don Orange, an opponent of a proposed oil terminal, and Kris Greene, who has said he wants to see the review process for the project seen through.

“The cover of the WCV mailer features a scenic picture of Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, B.C….

“(T)he Seattle-based WCV accidentally used a picture of the wrong Vancouver.

“The environmentalists want so bad to stop some oil terminal at some port in some Vancouver. But their profound befuddlement – has yet again left their execution wanting.”

Of course, the “Steyer” in the headline – is environmental-billionaire Tom Steyer. Who made much of his massive money in the energy business – and now spends his massive money trying to destroy it.

Steyer is really particularly busy in The Evergreen State.

Steyer Strikes Blow against Small-Town Unions: “The environmentalist tycoon pours money into a local election to kill a job-creating project.”

Steyer is REALLY particularly busy in The Evergreen State.

Climate of Unaccountability: “A leading example is Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s office, which seems to have subcontracted some of its work and budget to two foundations pushing an activist climate agenda. An environmental nonprofit, the World Resources Institute, actually hired Washington’s state government as a contractor last July.

“Under this remarkable arrangement, the state agreed to perform a “scope of work” for the nonprofit that includes “activities and deliverables” to advance a green agenda. The special-interest tail is officially wagging the democratic dog, given that the contract provides the job framework for Mr. Inslee’s senior policy adviser for climate and sustainability, Reed Schuler.”

That’s REALLY getting into Democrats’ offices. All the way in.

Which brings us to Alaska.

Alaska is inordinately energy-rich (thank you very much, William Seward). So of course the Left is inordinately busy trying to prevent us from accessing any of it.

Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline and Hails US as Leader on Climate Change

Of course, the “Obama” in the headline – is Trump predecessor President Barack Obama.

God bless Trump – who almost immediately after entering the Oval Office also green-lit once-and-for-all the Keystone Pipeline.

And now – behold the latest Leftist anti-energy enviro-scam. Blocking another attempt at energy development – in the alleged name of allegedly saving salmon.

The Deception of Stand for Salmon: “Alarms now are sounding on an issue that few Alaskans are aware of. The Stand for Salmon ballot measure, a misguided attempt to improve salmon habitat protections, is slated to be on the November general election ballot….

“It only takes one read of the eight-page document to convince most Alaskans that this ballot measure is both un-Alaskan and unsound. Legal experts have analyzed the ballot measure’s language and are shocked by its breadth, complexity, vague undefined terms and its unstated presumptions.

“Alaska is already home to a world-class permitting system that allows responsible development and successful fish habitat management to co-exist. This ballot measure is a radical overhaul of a system that works, and it provides no additional benefit to the environment.

“Outside money and outside influence led to the creation of this measure and the result is a dumpster fire. It is unwieldy, unpredictable, and dangerous. The fish habitat measure ensures that our economy will continue to shrink, joblessness will grow, and our state will continue to see an out migration of people.

“Outside environmental groups and their wealthy outside benefactors are not the people who should be weighing in on policies in Alaska. These are people with a longstanding agenda, and they don’t care if they sabotage economic growth and jobs in their misguided mission to enforce extreme fish habitat regulations to the exclusion of everything else.

“These activists, whose single largest donor is a Boston billionaire, don’t live here, so why would they care if our current economic recession deepens?”

Is the “Boston billionaire” dumping this anti-energy Leftist money into Alaska – Steyer? Nope. The Left has a full roster of billionaires flinging cash everywhere. (It, of course, ain’t George Soros, either.)

Of course, Alaska has done just fine balancing energy development with environmental concerns – for decades.

Alaskans do not need outside billionaires dumping massive coin into the state – to stand-up fake environmental groups to battle fake problems they themselves conjure up out of thin air.

Of course, all fifty states in our union can do very well – in fact, very much better – without this massive outside Leftist meddling.

But it is all a part of what the anti-energy, anti-commerce Left does.

As they work nationwide – to prevent anyone from doing anything profitable anywhere.

[Originally Published at RedState]