Partners for Educational Choice

Published September 1, 1998

The Children’s Scholarship Fund on June 9 announced the following partners for Phase I of the $200 million nationwide expansion of its K-12 scholarship program for low-income families. The average scholarship is $1,000, and recipient families are expected to match that amount.

New York

CSF will award $5 million, matched by $5 million raised by Caxton Corporation Chairman Bruce Kovner in partnership with the NY School Choice Scholarships Foundation.


CSF will award $5 million, matched by $5 million raised by Dominick’s Finer Foods CEO Bob Mariano, who chairs the local effort, and investor Steve Barney.

Los Angeles

CSF will award $8 million, matched by $8 million by local donors, including local chair Michael Ovitz, cofounder of Creative Artists Agency; Eli Broad, chairman and CEO of SunAmerica, Inc.; and Ron Burkle, managing partner of The Yucaipa Cos.

Washington, DC

In addition to the $6 million already donated by entrepreneur Ted Forstmann and investor John Walton, CSF will award $1 million, to be matched by $1 million raised by local chair Joe Robert, chairman and CEO of J.E. Robert Cos.

Jersey City

CSF will partner with Mayor Bret Schundler to match funds for a total of $800,000 in scholarships.