Partners in Liberty: Texas Public Policy Foundation

Published April 7, 2020

The Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) was founded in 1989 to influence policymakers to support liberty, personal responsibility, and free enterprise. TPPF has been a leading voice on behalf of freedom in the Texas state capitol and, in recent years, nationwide.

TPPF is perhaps best known outside the Lone Star State for its criminal justice reform initiative, Right on Crime, which was a driving force behind the bipartisan First Step Act. TPPF saw that model could be replicated in other policy arenas, including one in particular: energy.

Life:Powered: Energy Is Vital

If any issue needs principled, policy-focused national leadership, it is energy.

TPPF has long noted the criticality of affordable, reliable energy to Texas’ economic success and promoted market solutions to energy problems in the state.

With the fledgling Life:Powered initiative, TPPF, one of the country’s largest think tanks, expands this message to the national stage, explaining and exploring how fossil fuels—coal, natural gas, and oil—are essential to modern life.

In the era of the Green New Deal, many Americans have forgotten just how critical affordable, reliable energy is to their daily lives, and how instrumental it could be in lifting billions around the world from poverty and oppression.

Our national conversation about energy and the environment is increasingly tense and unproductive, based tenuously on doomsday prognostications rather than sound science and economics. High school climate change protests get more news coverage than issues truly deserving our attention, and the energy policy decisions being made today will have generations-long ramifications, for better or worse.

Thus, Life:Powered was born to “raise America’s energy IQ”: to inform policymakers and the public about our energy resources and policies that promote human flourishing. The project has quickly transformed from a scrappy startup into a national energy powerhouse, and it’s still growing.

‘Opportunities to Educate’

There’s no shortage of opportunities to educate. Most people don’t realize the vast majority of our energy comes from fossil fuels and has for decades, even as “renewable” has become a political buzzword. They’re also shocked to learn the United States is leading the world in clean air.

Energy isn’t a luxury, and it doesn’t just power our cars, our lights, and our smartphones. Energy powers life.

Despite the doomsday narrative perpetuated in the media, our world is getting dramatically better, thanks to affordable, reliable energy and the ideals of liberty and prosperity born at our nation’s founding.

Life:Powered capitalizes on opportunities to shift the conversation toward the human benefits of energy through an education initiative placing unbiased energy curriculum in public schools, building relationships with D.C. movers and shakers, exceptional research, professional-quality video production, and traditional and social media.