Photographer Captures Alarmists’ Frightened Faces

Published August 26, 2014

The Huffington Post published a humorous article Monday titled, “Photographer Captures Scientists’ Frightened Responses to Climate Change Discussions.” The premise of the article is a photographer asked several alarmist scientists to stage looks of fright when contemplating their predicted global warming catastrophe. The photographer then published, in a montage titled “Scared Scientists,” black-and-white photographs of the scientists’ global warming fear faces.

The Twitter world is rejoicing at this custom-made opportunity to poke fun at the staged faces and scientifically unsupported predictions. Many are posting their own global warming mock fear faces. Rather than post our own staged  fear faces, here are some replacement captions for the photos posted at The Huffington Post:

“Will Steffen at the University of Florida flashed this look of stark fear when he learned he would have to debate skeptical scientist Patrick Michaels in a congressional hearing.”

“Australian Tim Flannery gave this look of despair when he learned U.S. carbon dioxide emissions have already declined this century, making any new energy restrictions unnecessary.”

“Sarah Perkins showed this look of anger when she learned hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, and forest fires are all in long-term decline despite alarmists constantly claiming the opposite.”

“Deakin University’s Peter Macreadie appeared shocked when discovering there has been no global warming for the past 17 years.”

“Australian scientist Penelope Ajani stared blankly into space upon learning Al Gore contradicted his own sea-level alarmism by buying a multi-million dollar oceanfront mansion in posh Santa Barbara.”

“Oceanographer Matthew England struggled to come to grips with peer-reviewed studies showing marine life strongly benefit from warmer temperatures and higher carbon dioxide levels.”

“Lesley Hughes’ eyes glazed over upon learning real-world temperatures have falsified 98 percent of United Nations global warming computer models.”

“Biological scientist Shauna Murray reacted with anger at reports that U.S. and global crop production this year set a flurry of new records, adding to the mountains of crop production records already set during the past decade.”

Have fun adding your own photos or captions to the photos published in “Scared Scientists”!