Play It Again: Audio Versions Of 2009 ICCC Now Online

Published March 26, 2009

Audio versions are now online of all keynote and breakout sessions at the second International Conference on Climate Change, held in New York March 8-10, 2009.

The MP3 formatted presentations can be downloaded at in the Climate Conference suite, and click on “Proceedings.”

The Heartland Institute plans to produce a multi-disc set of DVDs and audio CDs of the keynote presentations for sale at a later date.

Additionally, Heartland will produce audio CD versions of all keynotes and breakout sessions. Those files will be available in a multi-disc set selling for around $130, provided enough interest is expressed in advance to cover costs.

If you would like to register your advance interest and assure that you will have the opportunity to purchase a set, please email Dan Miller at [email protected] and put “advance interest” in the subject field.