Poll Shows Falling Support for Unions

Published September 1, 2005

Barely one in three non-union workers would consider voting to unionize their workplace, while a 56 percent majority would not, according to a Zogby/Public Service Research Foundation poll released July 22.

The survey of 802 workers nationwide was conducted June 14 through 21. The poll has a margin of error of 3.6 percentage points.

Of the 35 percent of respondents who said they would consider voting for a union, only 16 percent said they would definitely vote to unionize. Two in three of those who oppose unionizing said they would definitely vote against it.

The responses held for all age groups under 65 but were most noticeable among workers age 30-49, where 60 percent said they would oppose unionizing.

Opposition to unionizing holds in every region of the country, according to the poll.

— David Denholm