Powerful ‘Resistance’ Forces Determined to ‘Destroy Trump’

Published September 1, 2017

Has there ever been a time in America’s history when leaders of the losing party plotted and executed a plan to destroy our President even before he officially took office?

The election of President Trump on November 9, 2016, immediately triggered such an unprecedented action, perpetrated by specific powerful Leftists. This was done blatantly and aggressively in plain sight and the perpetrators call their effort “The Resistance.”

If this had been initiated a year after President Trump took office and there were obvious, verifiable reasons for such an effort, it might have some credibility. That is not the case. Instead, this “Resistance” effort began way before Trump was given a chance to prove himself capable of the position. Additionally, the “Resistance” effort is well funded and has the help of many like-minded Leftist groups, Democrat officials, and a willing Leftist national media that thrives on controversy.

Established principles have been abandoned by this “Resistance” and replaced with what some consider treasonous actions intended to destroy our duly elected President. Sadly, the mainstream media appears to be aiding and abetting them.  This is the same media who jealously protected Obama and Hillary, thus it is not a surprise they have chosen to work with the “Resistance” against President Trump. Apparently these people are unconcerned as to the potential harm their nefarious efforts create for our Country. We all may suffer consequences of their unprecedented actions, as they threaten our Constitution, our nation’s reputation, further elections, and America’s future.

Donald J. Trump is a successful businessman, not a career politician, which was one reason many voted for Trump in deference to one of the other Republican presidential candidates. Trump represented a stunning repudiation of career politicians and a call for a different direction than that of the Obama administration. This election proved our citizens to be more concerned with a vibrant economy than the Democrat’s social ideals and a one-world-government approach that would smother American patriotism.

Leftists shocked over Trump’s election

Can you imagine how totally shocked Democrats were when the election proved the majority of our voters were not fooled by the Left’s tactics to protect Hillary? Politicians and the media underestimated the American voter’s intelligence, but more shocking yet is that they are not yet willing to abide by the election results on November, 2016. Their continual efforts to daily malign, marginalize, and destroy Trump’s presidency, which is joined at the hip by the unprecedented “Resistance” movement likewise conniving to topple the current Administration and President Trump, would border on treasonous behavior at other times in this nation’s history when the rule of law was respected on both sides of the political spectrum.

Laura Hollis, associate professor of teaching, Department of Accountancy at Mendoza College of Business, and concurrent associate professor of law at Notre Dame Law School, wrote this thoughtful article on the subject of why our new President is being unduly harassed, Socialism’s failures and the war on Trump, published on August. 10, 2017. Hollis sets forth an interesting opinion based on the facts surrounding the unprecedented backlash Trump has faced.

I am increasingly of the opinion that the basis for the inflamed, visceral hatred of President Donald Trump in some quarters is neither his occasional vulgarity, nor his propensity to toss out “un-presidential” insults, nor the “misogyny” and “sexism” the left pretends to see in his every word.

Rather, it’s that his presidency has torn the veil off of the left’s inexorable and – until recently – largely obscured march toward a socialist America. Trump has exposed and discredited many of the institutions and mechanisms the left uses to execute its fundamental transformation: the media, the entertainment industry and academia.

Furthermore, he is an unabashed capitalist, a walking manifestation of American achievement through commerce. And for this, they despise him.

Five powerful sources conspire to destroy Trump

In his Opening Monologue on May 16, 2017, Sean Hannity called out the five powerful forces that have aligned to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency:  1) “destroy-Trump propaganda media”; 2)  the “Democrat Party;” 3) the “deep state establishment within the bureaucracy;” 4) “establishment Republicans;” and 5) “NeverTrump-ers.”

There are also Never-Trump-ers entrenched in the NSA, FBI, CIA and State Department, and, although a small minority, they have proved to be less than loyal to our new President and therefore potentially dangerous.  Some within the FBI disregarded their oath of confidentiality and leaked classified information, including private conversations between President Trump and World leaders. Media sources published the classified information, causing patriots to question this treasonous behavior and express concern over why there was little national media outrage over this violation of ethics.

Media sources are quick to criticize our President, yet display no hesitation to show their hypocrisy when they ignore or minimize his accomplishments, including a record breaking high stock market and the lowest unemployment numbers we have seen in many years.  In so doing they not only cause President Trump harm, but our nation as well.  Other country’s leaders and citizens are forming opinions of our President based on our media’s constant negatives and biased articles. How does this benefit our Country?

A recent example of the blatantly biased media can be seen in the aftermath of the Charlottesville, Virginia mayhem on August, September 13, 2017.   The press became unhinged in their effort to criticize Trump’s comments.  Yet, many of us who heard his speech could not understand their outrage, as his remarks were appropriate and confirmed by Virginia officials.  Some tried to blame only one side, but pictures and witnesses proved Trump correct, as both sides participated in the chaos.  Little blame was applied to City officials who did not offer proper supervision and thus allowed the chaos to escalate without any serious intervention.  American citizens are desperate for unbiased reporting.

Butler University in Indianapolis is now offering a class this fall on the anti-Trump protest movement. Met with criticism by members of the community, the University is still determined to offer it.  Look for this to become a new class in colleges throughout the Country.  It would not be unreasonable to predict that the Leftist administrators and professors who dominate our colleges and universities will present the issue from a Leftist viewpoint. Surely there are many taxpayers who oppose the idea of tax payers largely financing these Leftist ideas in government funded schools.

Obama likely involved in “Resistance” –  Enter billionaire George Soros

It is equally “telling” that President Obama has chosen not to honor the American tradition of former Presidents to leave Washington D.C. and return home and avoid politics.  This tradition graciously allows a “smooth transition of power” for the new Administration.  Obama chose to break the tradition. He bought a home down the street from the White House and moved his former consultant, Valerie Jarrod, into his home. These and other facts indicate Obama also appears to be involved in the “Resistance” and most likely a leader within it.

In a report published in August of this year, Jeff Reynold revealed other groups involved in the Trump “Resistance” effort via a 49-page document marked PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL, wherein the entire anti-Trump Soros plan was revealed.  Called Democracy Matters, Strategic Plan For Action, the plan lists four leftist partner organizations, all funded and backed by George Soros.

These organizations include Media MattersAmerican Bridge 21st CenturyCREW, and Shareblue.

Reynold identified the mission of CREW as the most dangerous. If successful it will result in a steady flow of damaging information and continual new revelations, forcing the Trump Administration to defend themselves in Court.  This will then result in the exit of previous powerful Trump supporters.

Fighting back against the left

Does all of the above sound too horrendous to be true?  If we hadn’t already seen evidence of the above happening, it would be easy to dismiss this as just a vicious tale too incredible to be believed; however, we have proof!  We have already witnessed seditious actions by some who have stated and written far more than what our laws would identify as permissible.  In a perfect world these perpetrators would be guilty of treasonous acts.

It is incumbent upon all of us who love America to take action and oppose these detrimental forces, whether a Republican or Democrat, because this unprecedented plot against our President will have serious consequences for all if this treachery is allowed to continue. This is not just about President Trump, it is about the security, strength, and viability of America going forward.  Do not let Leftists win, because if they do succeed, we risk this being a new norm for our future elections.

How and what specifically can “we the people” do to protect our president and nation?

1.  Write your Congressman expressing your strong concerns.

2.  Send a 200 word letter to the editors of newspapers and other media sources in your state

3.  Share your concerns with friends, family, neighbors, organizations, and church leaders

The more who know the facts, the better chance we have of stopping these unamerican tactics.  Patriots, let’s fight back with logic, facts, and the passion of our forefathers who sacrificed much more to give us this wonderful Country and Constitution.

[Originally Published at Illinois Review]