Practical Virtues

Published December 1, 2003

Courage, Diligence, Faith, Forbearance, Forgiveness, Honesty, Love, Loyalty, Prudence, Responsibility, Service, and Trustworthiness—those are the titles of the 12 chapters of a new book by the Reverend Floyd H. Flake and his wife, A.M.E. co-pastor Elaine McCollins Flake, called Practical Virtues : Everyday Values and Devotions for African American Families (Amistad Press, 2003; 416 pages; ISBN: 006009060X; $24.95).

To illustrate and to provide understanding of each of these 12 virtues, the Flakes have gathered a rich selection of their favorite stories, letters, hymns, narratives, and poems. In addition, they provide practical ideas for discussion and further reflection on how to “Exercise Virtue.”