President Obama’s Plan for A Socialist One Party State

Published April 18, 2013

The  last check and balance on President Obama is the Republican majority in the  House of Representatives.  He has made clear that he intends to remove that  check on his power in the 2014 elections.

Our  Founding Fathers wisely provided for a free and independent press as an  additional check on government power.  But the New York Times, the  Washington Post, NBC, CBS and ABC decided they had a better idea.   They concluded that it is more important to behave voluntarily like the old  Soviet press did under government compulsion, when the socialist party is in  power.

Of  course, we do still have the freedom in America for now for the alternative  media — talk radio, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal editorial page,  conservative websites, blogs and a few other media outlets – to air criticism of  the reigning socialist regime.  But 50% of the country is ensconced in urban enclaves where listening to or reading views that are not friendly to socialist rule is considered socially unacceptable behavior.  So, no alternative views, or checks on the reigning regime, ever break through there.  That explains why our once grand, world-leading democracy  has now been rendered dysfunctional.

An  independent judiciary is also supposed to be a check and balance on the abuse of  government power.  But as his second term drags on, President Obama will have appointed more and more, and eventually a majority of, all federal judges.

Moreover,  these won’t just be any judges but liberal judges chosen with a liberal judicial philosophy that their job is not to follow the law, but to do what they think is right, regardless of the law.  What is “right” is going to be Obama’s  liberal/left agenda.

Holding the line even right now are only five rapidly aging old men on the Supreme  Court.  Replacing even one of them with a liberal appointee will mean the end of the Reagan majority on the Court.  Everything in our society will  then change.  Gun rights and the Second Amendment, gone in a  heartbeat.  Property rights and the rule of law, forget about it.   Religious freedom?  Only for the socialist religion.

These will be replaced by a constitutional right to welfare, and to your money.   By gay marriage.  And by a right to free contraceptives for everyone, so  America can party on right through its decline, just like in Europe.

The  Second Mid-Term Hex HeHexz

The  second mid-term election of a two term incumbent President, as in 2014, has historically been a disaster for the party of the incumbent President.  It was so even for Franklin Roosevelt in 1938.  It was so for the war hero  Dwight Eisenhower in 1958.  Counting Kennedy/Johnson as one Administration,  it was true for them as well in 1966.  And it was so even for Ronald  Reagan, even in the midst of an historic recovery, when the Republicans lost control of the Senate, and even more ground in the Democrat majority House, in  1986.

As  University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato and Kyle Kondik write in the March 19 Wall Street Journal,

“Since  the start of the modern two-party system in the mid-19th century, the party of an incumbent president has never captured control of the House from the other party in a mid-term election.  While many presidents have held the  House for their party, in 35 of 38 midterms since the Civil War the incumbent’s  party has lost ground.”

And  that is in any mid-term, not just in the more onerous second mid-terms.

But  President Obama has decided to defy that history.  He has decided not to try to govern with the Republican House majority, but to devote the next 18  months to political posturing and framing the issues so negatively against the  Republicans that America would rally to give Obama total control of the  government in November 2014, with a restored Democrat majority in the House as well, leaving no check on Obama’s power at all.

That  is because President Obama’s goal is the radical transformation of America from  the world’s leading capitalist state, the freest, most prosperous, and mightiest  in history, into just another socialist third world country.  But he knows  he can’t do that with the Republican House majority elected in 2010 precisely to stop his socialist agenda.  For that radical, socialist transformation,  reflecting what the Democratic Party and their party controlled media lapdogs are really all about, he needs total control of Congress.  For that he  needs, effectively, a socialist, one-party state, which is actually what he is after in defying history, and seeking a restored Democrat House majority.

Organizing  for Action

This  is what Obama’s new 501(c)(4) organization, Organizing for Action, is all  about.  He has transformed his campaign into that organization, giving it the advanced social media technology, contact lists, and grassroots  infrastructure of the campaign.  Jason Stverak, President of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, writes in the March 15  Washington Times, “Organizing for Action is flooding the airwaves with  advertisements praising the Obama Administration’s policies, and viewers at home are being inundated with just as many talking points and political attacks as they were during the 2012 campaign.”

Through  that organization, Obama has begun an unprecedented fundraising crusade to raise  $50 million to be spent in Republican districts to discredit Congressional  Republican incumbents.  But as a 501(c)(4) social activist organization,  Organizing for Action is not subject to campaign financing limits.  For  half a million in contributions, donors get private meetings with Obama where they can lobby for their personal agendas, crony capitalist favoritism, and  other special interest pleading.

This  is going to be the ugliest smear campaign in American political history, similar to what we saw in 2012, where the President’s campaign made up Romney’s  positions and then campaigned against their own strawmen.  Such as the charges that Romney was proposing middle class tax increases, or that he wanted to ban  contraceptives.  When the real Romney showed up during the first debate to say that those were not his positions, Obama partisans responded that he must be lying.

It  is up to conservative activists to respond to this with truth squads to counter and reveal the propaganda.  This is not going to be primarily about  Republicans, but about preserving the credibility of the conservative philosophy, which is actually what is going to be under attack.  Witness  the current liberal/left Democrat campaign for gun control and gay marriage.  We need to preserve, protect and defend the Reagan economic  record, for example.  We need to explain the root government causes of the  financial crisis, and advocate reforms so it will never happen again.  In  addition to tax reform, spending control, and entitlement reforms, that would  involve monetary reform, so America can once again enjoy a dollar as good as gold.

We  also need to promote and defend the national defense doctrine of peace through strength.  And we need to more than redouble a positive vision of religious freedom and pro-family values.

The High Stakes Gamble

In  defying the long term political trends, President Obama is engaged in a high stakes political gamble, putting his own political credibility on the  line.  If Obama breaks the historical pattern, and the Democrats take the  House, then Obama will be the new Hugo Chavez, in effective authoritarian  control of America.

But  if the historical patterns hold, and instead of the Democrats taking back the  House, the Republicans take back the Senate, then President Obama will be a politically discredited lame duck, facing an entirely Republican controlled  Congress.  His socialist transformation of America will be over and exposed.

Prospects  are actually quite good for the Republicans to take over Senate control.   Besides the historical trends, Sabato and Kondik further  explain,

“Democrats  are defending seats in seven states that Mitt Romney won in last year’s  Presidential race: Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, South  Dakota, and West Virginia.  Mr. Obama won an average of just 40.5% of the  vote in these states.  In addition, the retirements of longtime Sens. Tom  Harkin (D. Iowa) and Carl Levin (D., Mich.) make those previously safe seats  much more competitive.  Factor in some freshman Democratic Senators elected  from swing states in Obama’s 2008 wave (the last time this batch of seats was  contested), and Republicans could run competitive challenges in 10 or more Democrat-held seats.  Incompetent GOP nominees could change the picture,  but almost all of the seats that Republicans are defending are in solid-red states.”

The  Bible says, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”  Adding to GOP prospects  for next year are Obama chickens coming home to roost.  Obamacare will be creating chaos in health care next year, with tens of millions losing their  employer provided health insurance.  Health insurance premiums will be  soaring, to double or more for many, particularly young adults.  The  negative market reaction to those increases will be causing health insurers to  collapse and go out of business, resulting in still more government takeover of  health care.

Millions  will lose their jobs as employers seek to downsize and break up to avoid the  economically fatal costs of Obamacare.  Millions of others will be reduced  to part time workers for the same reason.  That will mean further declining  real wages and incomes for working people and the middle class, with poverty  soaring still higher.

If  the Obama economy falls back into recession in the second term, as Obama deserves, it will be the Democratic Party that will be on the verge of  extinction.  Unemployment would explode into double digits, and deficits would soar to over $2 trillion.

And  then there will be a new front regarding chaos in foreign policy.  Iran is likely to break out as a nuclear power before the mid-terms, which may mean  nuclear war in the Middle  East.  At best, it would mean nuclear  proliferation efforts spreading to Saudi  Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and other Middle Eastern nations.  North Korea’s nuclear breakout would extend that to  Japan, South Korea, and maybe Australia (especially as the American nuclear  umbrella fades under Obama policies).  The formerly progressive citadels of  San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle will have new reasons to begin to question  Obama’s foolish national defense policies.

In  my opinion, Obama is primarily motivated by ideology and power, and not by the  trappings of office.  I predict that if we aggressively advance the  conservative philosophy over the next two years, do our job in the midterms  (electing not just Republicans, but true Tea Party Republicans), and make the  historical patterns stick, Obama won’t want to be a time server for the last two  years, battling Republicans with no ability to advance his socialist  agenda.

I  predict in that case, Obama will resign, ending the Marxist assault on America as a failure.  He will let Biden run for reelection as an incumbent, with Hillary on the ticket.  Then it will be time for the rest of us to clean house, everywhere Marxists have already infiltrated American society and  culture, from the Democrat Party controlled media, to Hollywood, to “academic”  cloisters of taxpayer financed Marxism.

If  this generation of Americans cannot rise to defend traditional American freedom and prosperity, we will lose both.  And deserve to.

[First Published at American Thinker]