PRESS RELEASE: Heartland Appoints New President and Vice President

Published March 21, 2020

The Board of Directors of The Heartland Institute has accepted the resignation of Frank Lasée as president of the organization. The Board thanks him for his service and wishes him well as he pursues other professional opportunities.

The Board has unanimously appointed James Taylor as president and Jim Lakely as vice president of The Heartland Institute. Those appointments are part of the reorganized leadership structure the Board announced was underway at Heartland on March 8.

President James Taylor, a long-time senior fellow, will continue to direct the organization’s Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy. Vice President Jim Lakely, who has served as director of communications at Heartland since 2010, will continue in that role while conducting additional managerial duties in the organization.

The Board is confident that the organization is in great hands for many years to come under this new leadership structure, and is sure our supporters, contributors, and fans around the world will agree.

On Friday, March 6, The Heartland Institute was forced to lay off some full- and part-time staffers. Those individuals worked tirelessly to advance the virtues of free markets, the sensibility of smaller government, and a greater appreciation for living in a nation founded to protect individual liberty. Heartland is known world-wide as a powerful agent advancing that mission because of the people who make it happen. Thank you for your service to the cause.