Privatized Health Care, Not Health Scares

Published October 16, 2007

The Tribune’s coverage of county board proceedings helps us figure out which are the least obscene of the proposed taxes (“City Sales Tax Hike On Hold,” October 1).

Taxpayers can thank those leaders who clearly questioned why sales taxes are being raised 300 percent when they have not determined the final budgets for the threatened health care facilities. Leaders who support the $1 billion increase should consider privatizing some medical services, or offering tax incentives to the private hospitals in northern Illinois to help with the burden of caring for the health of Cook County’s indigent population.

Privatization is a better strategy to control runaway health care costs. But in Cook County, higher taxes are unfortunately a given. And we all know who does the giving here.

Ralph W. Conner ( [email protected]) is The Heartland Institute’s manager of local legislation.