Pro-Choice on Health Insurance

Published November 1, 2004

Dear Editor:

Ironic, isn’t it, that self-proclaimed “pro-choice” groups like Planned Parenthood and the Alan Guttmacher Institute should oppose choice in health insurance? (“Medical plan gives Catholics an option,” November 8)

President Bush’s proposal merely adds a new insurance option to a program that already offers 249 plans from which federal employees and retirees may choose.

The Guttmacher folks worry people “will find this attractive.” Other critics, according to the Tribune, say the plan’s health savings account element “could be tempting to people looking for affordable health insurance.”

How can increasing choice and offering affordable health insurance be a bad thing? Careful–your hypocrisy is showing.

Latonya Harris
Chicago, Illinois

Latonya Harris ([email protected]) is computer systems manager for the Chicago-based Heartland Institute.