Pro-Net Neutrality Big Tech – Is with Conservatives as Anti-Neutrality as You Can Get

Published August 14, 2018
Network Neutrality is absolutely awful policy.  It is a huge government imposition on the entirety of the Internet.  It has zero business being even considered – by any nation laying even the remotest claim to being a free market economy.  
Net Neutrality is a ginormous Fourth Amendment violation.  Private Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have spent more than $1 trillion building their Web networks.  Net Neutrality mandates nigh limitless government access to – and control of – those networks.  Net Neutrality is no Probable Cause, no Warrants – just one humongous, all-encompassing, infinite Unreasonable Search and Seizure. 
Net Neutrality is a ginormous First Amendment violation.  Private ISPs can assemble – or not assemble – their private networks…any way they wish.  Completely free from government interference or imposition.  And in those privately assembled spaces – speak any way they wish.  Completely free from government interference or imposition.  Net Neutrality dumps all over all of this.
You don’t hear too many anti-Net Neutrality, free market, defenders-of-Reality people – make these particular Constitutional cases.  I believe this has been a giant mistake.  Constitutional rights should always be expressly defended – whenever they are under attack.
In no small part because it forfeits the ability to point out the mind-melting hypocrisy of the other side – when they defend their non-Neutral actions on those grounds. 
Yet another reason Net Neutrality is absolutely awful policy – is its titanic cronyism.  Big Tech Goliaths like Amazon (market cap: $930 billion), Google (market cap: $866 billion) and Facebook (market cap: $523 billion) – LOVE Net Neutrality.  They have spent a lot of time and a LOT of money – propping up Leftist front groups pushing this regulatory inanity. 
Why?  Because Net Neutrality is the government mandating ISPs charge these massive bandwidth hog Big Tech companies…NOTHING for all the bandwidth they hog.  Net Neutrality – is the hugest of all government zero-price-controls. 
And guess who gets to pay massively more for their Internet service – to government-mandated augment the massive profits of massive Big Tech?  You and me.  Our relatively infinitesimal usage – will cost exponentially more.  So the likes Amazon, Google and Facebook – can pad their fat bank accounts. 
Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter – have as their business models open-platform communications.  The attractiveness of their products – was the ability of any and everyone to use them to speak freely. 
But do Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter – adhere to the Net Neutrality to which they have gone to such great lengths to have the government impose on ISPs? Again – it is, after all, their business model.  Their reason for being.  Heavens no.  On their platforms – they are anything but Net Neutral.
How serious is Facebook about addressing their anti-conservative bias?  They hired to look into it…uber-Leftist President Barack Obama’s ex-Attorney General. 
Wow – I feel better.  What about Twitter?
And Big Tech’s war on “hate speech” and allegedly “fake news” – is just another way for Big Tech to silence conservatives. 
Gee, you think?  Too late – it already has. Again, and again, and….  What about Twitter?
In defense of Big Tech’s one-sided anti-Neutrality – even people on the Right are making the First and Fourth Amendment arguments…they rarely make in defense of ISPs.
“Are social media platforms like Twitter subject to the First Amendment? Is there a right to free speech on social media owned by private corporations?”
And yes – conservatives are feeding the hands that bite them.  (There is a monetary explanation – oh-so-many of them…also receive massive coin from Big Tech.)  Again, please do not misunderstand – I am eminently down with the Constitutional arguments.  It’s why I made them in defense of ISPs.
Get that massive bit of inanity?  This “conservative” joint watches Big Tech banning, blocking and brutalizing conservatives over and over and over again – and their concern…is it is Republicans who will “ruin the Internet.”  Ummm…too late, Swamp Things. 
For their part, Big Tech argues both sides of the Constitution – whichever is more helpful at each particular moment. 
Is Facebook a Publisher? In Public It Says No, but in Court It Says Yes:

“In its defense against a former app startup, Facebook is contradicting its long-held claim to be simply a neutral platform.”

Well isn’t “its long-held claim to be simply a neutral platform” – hilarious.  And the massive hypocrisy – special. 
Especially coming from one of the massive Big Tech companies – spending tons of money pushing Net Neutrality on ISPs.
Preaching “Neutrality for thee – but not for me.”
[Originally Published at RedState]