Project Pushes 10 Resolutions

Published April 1, 2006

This year, the State Legislative Advisory Project is asking state legislators to pass the following resolutions:

1. Encourage the U.S. Congress to pass meaningful tax reform.

2. Support Judge Alito’s Nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court/Urge the Senate Not to Filibuster the President’s Future Nominees. [Editor’s note: Alito was confirmed on January 31.]

3. Support and pass the defense appropriations bill before other spending bills.

4. Support the president’s medical malpractice reform.

5. Support repeal of the federal excise tax on telecommunications (Spanish American War Tax).

6. Protect workers from union violence.

7. Support the permanent abolition of the death tax.

8. Work to protect intellectual and physical property.

9. Support a resolution to recognize Ronald Reagan Day.

10. Support workers’ paycheck protection.

For more information …

A copy of the resolutions is available on the Web site of Americans for Tax Reform at

For more information on the State Legislative Advisory Project, contact Aric Nesbitt at [email protected] or 202/785-0266.