Room with an E-ew

Published March 29, 2012

Stonehill College, a Catholic educational institution near Boston, is being sued by a former student who claims the college didn’t protect her from a dormitory roommate who had too much sex in the student’s presence in their shared dorm room.

The former student claims she suffered suicidal depression and attention deficit disorder because her roommate had sex with her boyfriend just a few feet away from the student.

The college says it knew the student wanted different living accommodations and tried to provide them. But the college says it never knew about the alleged “too much sex” reason why the student sought them.

“Stonehill refused Lindsay’s request for a single room and in the following weeks and months Lindsay fell into a dark and suicidal depression requiring her to take a leave of absence from school and undergo extensive psychiatric and medical treatment,” the complaint alleges.

Source: “NY Woman’s Lawsuit: Roommate Had Too Much Sex; She said the college didn’t help her when she complained her roommate was having too much sex in their dorm room,”, March 2, 2012