School Reform News Managing Editor Joy Pullman at CPAC Chicago

Published July 18, 2012

Joy Pullmann, managing editor of The Heartland Institute’s School Reform News and editor of the Education section of the Heartlander digital magazine, spoke at CPAC Chicago on the “Lake Woebegon Effect” on education.

The introduction rightly credits Heartland’s SRN as being a pioneer in publishing news and information on school choice, “an indisensible resources for what is going on around the country in school reform.”

Pullmann speaks about the intellectual deficit in today’s public education system, despite an average of $13,000 spent per student. Our kids are not only way behind students in most developed nations — and many developing countries — American kids are tragically ignorant about the teachings of liberty and the way our government works.

And lest you think kids in “rich” public school districts are doing OK … Pullmann smashes that myth.

Bottom line: The public school system is a failure. We’ve tragically ceded the direction of the education of our chlidren away from parents and put all the trust in “experts” who didn’t earn that  and haven’t proven they deserve it.

And while teachers cannot parent, parents can teach — or at least join others to take better control of their kids education via The Parent Trigger.

It’s time for parents to assert their rights and take back control over our public schools.