Sierra Club Misrepresents Itself Before New Mexico Legislature

Published February 27, 2015

The Sierra Club engaged in ethical misconduct this morning, misrepresenting itself in hearings before the New Mexico House of Representatives Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Committee.

New Mexico legislators are considering House Bill 445, which would freeze the state’s renewable power mandate at 15 percent, cancelling a scheduled tightening of the renewable power mandate to 20 percent by 2020. In hearings before the House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Committee this morning, Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter Activism Team member Elliott Stern hid his Sierra Club ties and misrepresentated his financial stake in renewable power.

Stern offered comments opposing House Bill 445, identifying himself merely as a “small business owner” whose company “is not directly affected by the bill.” Not only did Elliott fail to mention his status as a Sierra Club Activism Team Member and Sierra Club fundraiser, but he also failed to mention that his LinkedIn page directly contradicts his assertion to the Committee about his business interests. Stern’s LinkedIn profile lists himself as the developer of SolarLogic LLC. Stern’s LinkedIn profile describes his SolarLogic LLC business as “Solar and Hydronic Heating Control.”

The Sierra Club has not yet explained why Stern engaged in such misrepresentation and misconduct.