State of the State Addresses: The Governors on Education

Published January 18, 2014

It’s state of the state week across the country. Check back here as the speeches roll out for a snapshot of what governors are proposing in education.

HAWAII, Neil Abercrombie: Says it’s time to spend more on government preschool

INDIANA, Mike Pence: Pence proposes higher salaries for teachers that teach in low-income schools, expanding charter schools, and vouchers for low-income preschool students: “Now, I’ll always believe the best pre-K program is a prosperous family that is able to provide the kind of enrichment in their home that every child needs and deserves. But the reality is that’s not the case for many Indiana children. It’s important that the program be voluntary. It’s important that the program is available in the form of a voucher. I want parents to be able to choose to send their child to a church-based program, a private program, or a public program that they think would best meet their needs.”

KANSAS, Sam Brownback: The state supreme court had better not order the legislature to spend more on schools, the governor says: “The Constitution empowers the Legislature—the people’s representatives—to fund our schools.” The court is set to hand down its decision any day on whether lawmakers have to cough up another $600 million for local districts every year.

MICHIGAN, Rick Snyder: Proposes spending $65 million to end the waiting list for government preschool for lower-income tots. He also proposed a pilot for year-round school.

MISSOURI, Jay Nixon: Wants to spend $500 million more on K-12 and higher education, up spending on school technology, and increase preschool spending. 

NEW JERSEY, Chris Christie: The governor proposes longer school days and years. He seems to have entirely dropped his push for vouchers, though: “I don’t know if (vouchers) is dead in the governor’s mind, but there are still those of us who think there certainly need to be more opportunities afforded these children,” says state Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D-Camden).

SOUTH DAKOTA, Dennis Daugaard: The governor announces $5 million in competitive grants for career and technical education in school districts. “Workforce development is all about health care and education,” said House Democratic leader Bernie Hunhoff (D-Yankton). “I think the governor and his staff are moving more in that direction.”

Image by MarylandGovPics.